Good day, my wonderful SEO friends! Search Engine Academy likes to talk about search engine optimization advantages because people who have websites that don’t show up anywhere in Google search results are unhappy people, and the world does not need more unhappy people, there are enough already, thank you very much!

So…What Are The Search Engine Optimization Advantages?

Glad you asked. Here are a few for you ponder while pouring a beer, for example:

  • If you apply SEO to your site, you’re conducting due diligence by not leaving search results visibility to chance. You may feel like it’s an exercise in futility, but if you didn’t do it…you’d be on page 347 of search results. Really.
  • You’re giving the search engine crawlers the information they need to rank and index your site.
  • You’ve crafted really nice, unique meta titles and descriptions to encourage a higher click through rate (CTR), which makes Google happy, because if your CTR for pages increases, you could well end up getting more Google love by being pushed up higher in the SERPs.
  • You’ve busted your hind parts writing great, useful, unique content that your competitor didn’t bother with. People would rather read your pages, so take THAT, Mr. Competition!
  • You hack away diligently at trying to find good link partners, because you know Google places so much emphasis on links. Sure, it hurts to slog away, but you know the price to pay if you don’t at least TRY.
  • You’ve taken the time to map out your site structure, to make it user-friendly and easy for your most important content to be within one or two clicks by your target audience, congratulations!
  • As much as you may hate and detest it, you’re blogging. You know the big G (Google, not the U.S. government) loves fresh new content as much as your readers do, so you turn to and crank out blog posts. I’m so with you.
  • Because you’re a local business, you’ve taken the extra time and energy to apply local SEO processes and strategies to get better rankings for local search queries.

Since you know a lot about SEO, you also apply it to your social media efforts, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and all the others that are floating out there in cyber space.

There are plenty more search engine optimization advantages. I’ve only listed a few that are very obvious. What else do you do for SEO on your site?

Until next time, keep it between the ditches and get home safe!

All the best to you,