Search Engine Academy SEO Power Suite Review - Web Site Auditor Part 2

Good day, SEO warriors! I promised I would continue the Search Engine Academy review of the Website Auditor Tool that’s part of the SEO Power Suite package. I got off course a little bit, but here’s the next installment of how powerful Website Auditor can be. You can read Part 1 of my Website Auditor review, then wander on back over here. Remember, you should have done some keyword research as well before using this analyzer, since the SEO landscape is keyword-driven!

Umkaaay… When Web Site Auditor finishes, here’s what it can look like. You can now do further analysis on all pages found, or you can update each individually.



Next, from the Website Report Tab, you can click on the Webpages tab. This will bring up a screen with all the web pages. Click on one to run an individual analysis. You will be asked to supply keyword phrases. From the page’s source code, enter each phrase, one on each line. Then click on Next.

Select the search engine you want the analysis based on. You can choose only one at a time, so you may run each pages several times for different search engines. This is what the analysis run looks like, and this is the screen when the analysis is completed.

There are three reports: Page Structure Audit, Page Optimization Audit and Search Engine View reports. The Page Structure Audit is the same as the website audit, so here is what the Page Optimization Audit report looks like:
We’ll run a couple pages individually, but if you click on Website Report in the upper left, here’s what you’ll get:


This is the compact view.  You can also choose the detailed view. You get everything in the compact view, plus this:


You can quickly review crawl statistics either per page or for the site overall:



Plus, it shows you HTML/CSS validation – again either on an individual page level or for the entire website.


You can quickly glance at which pages have Google PR:



And you get a status on your links, such as which ones are no follow, internal or broken:



Not only that, but how about seeing your re-directs? Pretty cool! If you’re contemplating title tag clean up, here’s the skinny on it:


But wait! There’s more! How about a status on every meta tag, whether you’ve got canonicalization going and more:

And it goes on with warnings, frame sizes, etc.



As you can see, all on-page SEO factors are graded and analyzed, and compared to ten competitors who use the same keyword phrase. Now you can do some comprehensive page sculpting and begin ranking better than your competitors listed.

Each page report can run 30 or more pages, because each element is analyzed individually. For a complete road map to improve on-page SEO factors, Website Auditor is a must-have tool to compare weak-performing pages as outlined in your Google Analytics, coupled with how ten of your competitors have optimized.

Using the little page icon at the upper left, click on it from this tab to run more individual page analysis, one by one.

I wish it would go deeper in competition URLs to about 30, but ten is good. You can also use this tool to perform competitive intelligence analysis on your compeittion, page by page.

I hope this little review at the 30,000 foot level has been helpful. At Search Engine Academy, we teach you how to optimize each page element shown here, and you get to practice in class with your instructor. We’d love to help you improve your SEO knowledge and skills to rank better in search results. Check out our classes in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Malaysia.

Until next time – review your on page SEO work, and see what you can do to improve it!

All the best to you,

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