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This report is not so much about brainstorming or about SEO.

Applications for hundreds of “new generic top level domains” (such as the traditional .org .com and .net) are considered to be the most “sub-stantive changes” to the Web site naming system in all of Internet History, according to the Toronto Star Newspaper today.

According to this news report today, “at $185,000.00 per pop, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the California based regulator that policies the Web< said it received more than 1900 applications by the May 30th deadline.”

According to reports, some firms like Google said it applied for.google, docs.,lol, and .youtube.
American bankers Association had applied for a request for .bank, and for .insurance.

“The entire objective of any company going into a TLD is to create a money tree.
To create a billion-dollar domain baby” stated the report from naming specialist
Naseem Javed, the head of the Brampton-based ABC Namebank.

Where things may go from here, is anyone’s guess.

Can you see large firms trying to capture their brand in a new extension?
Suppose you were to acquire the extension .SEARS or . Babies or even a name extension like .Reviews?

Perhaps in the near future, it won’t be so much about the early part of the Domain,
but it’ll be more about what comes after the dot.

Let’s watch and see.


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