Sometimes there tends to be some additional business pressure in trying to serve your online buyers with multiple options and products. So many times people will try to have their landing page loaded with far too many product choices.

Everyone is trying to do more, offer more, increase flexibility and customer selection, but people will often forget one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve their onlIne sales is to reduce complexity. Maybe you’ve heard it said before, but it is worth repeating while reorganizing your sales letter or landing page.

In designing the layout of any page, where you are expecting to make a sale, it is smart to evaluate the trade-off between complexity and simplicity.

Simplicity Tip: If you want to increase the percentage of sales you are making online, then limit the number of choices your visitor will have to make.

Why should you limit the number of choices, when you have so many products that “you think” the customer should know about?

Remember that you are working to sell online and when it comes to people’s behavior online, people will simply not choose to buy if your page is offering too many choices or there are distractions along the way.

It was Michael Campbell who used to tell our students to think the same as a parent who is taking a 7-year-old to a restaurant. You don’t show them a whole menu. Instead, you ask a question like, “What would you like to eat…a hamburger or a hot dog?”

It’s much easier and much quicker for a youngster to decide upon.

Think of it this way. We as people have a natural tendency to avoid information overload. Any decision someone makes to buy something online will always take a certain amount of time.

Having an excess of too many choices can bog your visitor down, even generate a sense of fatigue. Sometimes offering too much detail over multiple options can also leave the visitor with the feeling that the information gathered is still not enough. Simplicity for your web page message absolutely rules!

Always remember that human beings do have some limits for absorbing and processing online information and by nature, they will often choose the simplest path or the path that is easiest to understand.

When reworking your web page, simply try reducing the number of choices the visitor has to think about and you will find the number of sales for that product that you focused on, will begin to climb.