SEO Job Titles and What They Can Do for You

Howdy ho, my web master and web writer sisters and brothers! When teaching SEO for Search Engine Academy, I am often asked what professional SEO services are available. It used to be pretty simple – keyword research, link building, creating meta data, analyzing web site performance and checking rankings. As the internet expands and offers more functionality, SEO services have also increased. Let’s go over some of them, shall we?

The classic SEO services are still very much in demand, despite what you may have read or heard. SEO is not dead, on life support, out the door, whatever. Nope, these still apply:

Keyword Research – No matter what anyone says or what Google does with the algorithm, I said it once, I’ll say it again: if you don’t know the keywords and phrases your target audience is typing into the search engines, how the hell do you ever expect to run and execute an effective SEO program and get results? You won’t.

Creating Optimized, Unique Meta Data – When you see results for your keyword query, which ones do you usually click on, hoping for the best? You choose the ones that have a compelling title and description, don’t you? Of course, nowadays, you might a see a rich snippet that’s part mark up language, but the fact remains, you need to create a reason and a benefit in your meta data to get people to click on your web page, not your competition’s.

Writing Unique, Interesting, Useful Web Page Content – Again, this is not new, people. But with all the recent Google changes–Panda and Hummingbird–the stakes for writing the best possible content you can coax out of your little brain are higher than ever. Semantic search and in-depth articles are now making content creators work harder and harder. This includes blogging.

Pay-Per-Click – This won’t ever go out of style. I’m making that prediction now. But it’s a very sophisticated undertaking; a full time job.

Link Building – Thanks to Google Penguin, link building is more challenging than ever. The days of making multiple directory submissions, commenting on blog posts, and larding press releases with links are dead and gone. It’s all about building relationships with other sites and carefully getting high quality links. Still a full time job with fewer results to put on the spreadsheet.

Local SEO – If you need actual people to come to you, or you to them, having a local SEO manager is just as critical. And it’s getting more sophisticated as Google + continues to get more sophisticated.

New Professional Website Services To Use For Your Website

So, what new SEO purposes can we serve? Let’s see!

Social media Integration – SEO and social media are firmly married, whether we like it or not. Incorporating social media interaction and distribution into your SEO strategy is critical. You can use keywords and phrases that are trending, terms you already rank for, or terms that strengthen your position on desired keywords with regular social media distribution and visibility.

Information Architecture – It’s not really new, but with responsive web design, it’s becoming more critical. Be sure your site is easy to navigate and your most important content is easy to reach within one or two clicks.

Inbound Marketing – SEO is part of the “top of the funnel” section of inbound marketing. You are probably discovering that more and more businesses are going to a holistic, integrated marketing approach that combines personas, content marketing and social media with an emphasis on conversions through landing page development and implementation.

Reputation Management – Online visibility may come with a price. With the plethora of review sites and apps, it’s a matter of time before somebody who’s having a bad day decides to take it out on you – online. And, much like the shelf life of radioactive material, your digital or online presence will be around for a long, long time. So, reputation management and SEO are important. Monitoring your name and brand via Google Alerts and responding to negative reviews and press should be part of your SEO strategy. This includes measured, intelligent responses to reviews and issuing press releases about your business.

What other professional SEO services can you think of? Let us know in the comments. How are you using all of the professional SEO services out there?

Until we meet again, keep it safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,