It’s John Alexander here with a good news update which may be of interest to our readers. I have been asked by a few of our SEO alumni graduates, friends and past students,  when the next time I will be personally be attending one of our SEO Workshops. The last personal SEO workshop that I conducted was about 5 years ago in Las Vegas in 2010.

2010 was the year that presented me with one of my biggest personal illness challenges, when I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition.

John AlexanderHaving a serious health challenge really meant that there was very little opportunity for me to travel or teach anymore, so I really had to rely on our team of SEO Master Instructors to handle the work load. And handle things they did (as you can tell by the stats on our front page) where we are tracking over..

  • 3,900 SEO certified graduates taught in 47 different cities and across 9 different countries.

Our SEO Graduate success stories keep rolling in.

Plus time for some personal good news this month.

A Personal Update From John Alexander:

The really good news now is that my doctor tells me that after 3 years on peritoneal dialysis that he thinks I am in good enough shape to begin travelling again.

Speaking of good shape, I don’t think I have ever been in as good of shape as I am today. Instead of weighing in at my old bloated weight of 220 pounds, I now maintain a perfect body weight of 164 pounds. I’m looking better, feeling a lot better and thanks to my medical treatment, I am much more aware of my diet and exactly what I’m eating. Of all things, I have found out that I actually enjoy cooking and all of my vital readings are exactly on target.

My only limitation is that I need to preplan my travels about 8 weeks ahead of time. It should not be a problem now we have the Web site in place.

In fact in the next coming weeks, you will see even more new SEO workshop dates added to our Agenda for the remainder of 2015 and once that happens, I hope to be announcing at least a couple of these new workshop locations and dates where I will plan on travelling to be together with the students and the Instructors in person once again.

I would love nothing better than to be able to meet you in person and review your Web sites with you and help you get right up to speed with all of your SEO skills.

That’s enough of an update on me for now.

The other newest thing is the overall corporate structure of our Search Engine Academy training organization.

New Search Engine Academy Corporate Structure:

Under the new SEO Global Training Alliance, the Search Engine Academy has a whole new emphasis on how the company is efficiently managed by your Instructors who now take on a whole new ownership role in the company.

As the New Search Engine Academy begins with our plans for the remainder of 2015 We have plenty of new offerings coming to you very soon which will include things like these:

  • Traditional Agency Training – for those who seek to cultivate SEO skills and knowledge in their respective organizations we will customize our curriculum to the needs of the organization
  • SEO Agency Training – SEO Firms that may be behind on the most recent developments or those who just need some help training their professional SEO staff.

Also Coming soon:

All of this plus +++

  • More fresh, new SEO insights from a our family of SEO Master instructors.
  • Timely updates to help keep you stay right on the edge of accuracy.
  • Fresh New Agenda Topics from the Education Committee  (regularly.)
  • Only the most personalized student/Instructor interaction. (where the focus is 100% on your business and on your Web site.)
  • Live demonstrations and examples for you to study.
  • Have all of your SEO questions answered and enjoy your 6 month mentoring program after class.

While this path is the less traveled within the training industry, we know that for you, the Internet Marketing Professional, a true team approach will be much more rewarding for you personally as well as for your business.

I look forward to seeing you real soon and if all goes as well as expected, I may possibly even see you at a class or two as early as this summer.

I am feeling very excited to learn about your business and especially about seeing your progress after class. I am really hoping also to catch up with a few our alumni graduates and friends too.

In the meantime, I want to wish you the greatest of success with your online business.

Stay tune for much more to come.

Best wishes,
John Alexander

Like the only REAL magic – the magic of knowledge!