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Black Friday Savings on SEO Workshops

Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings? Certainly!  The Search Engine Academy has a great offer for you.  Whether it’s for you, or the aspiring SEO/SEM person in your circles, you can get 20% off ANY of our SEO Workshops. Our SEO Workshops are  perfectly designed...

Keeping your SEO Training Up to Date

Keeping up to date with all the SEO trends and algorithm changes?  SEO is a fast paced environment, so don’t feel bad if you can’t answer that question with a resounding “Yes.”  Keeping your SEO training up to date can be, to say the least,...

Creating Ideal Infographics To Compliment Your SEO

Infographics have now been around for a while, yet using them to communicate is still surprisingly effective. If you are new to infographics, let’s start be giving you a definition. Definition: An infographic is basically a graphic that combines...

The Advantages of Social Media Scheduling

Combined with the pace of social media today and the need for even more compelling content, there are major advantages to social media scheduling – planning your posts ahead of time. Fortunately, there are many tools available to do just that. Social media...

Get The Edge With A Digital Marketing Course

It’s no longer the case that an understanding of digital marketing is something best left to niche specialists. When online sales surpassed the $300 billion annual tally in the fiscal year of 2014, anybody who wasn’t already involved in online retail enterprise immediately became interested. Considering the amount of revenue currently being spent online and the potential for leaving money on the table, executives in all industries have taken notice.

Why Taking SEO Factors In Isolation Doesn’t Work

Taking individual SEO factors in isolation to try to get found online won’t work. Google has done a pretty good job of sorting out all the factors, and even if you’ve done a bad job of “SEO”, having the three most important factors on your website will win the day.

Simple Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

As a small business owner or marketing professional, you know how important marketing campaigns can be. There are many ways to reach an audience in this day and age, but one of the most reliable and effective ways is to use email. An email marketing campaign can be a lifesaver for a small business, and it can easily boost your marketing efforts to the next level. However, in order for any email campaign to be a success, you must make sure you are setting it up correctly. Here are some tips to ensure your campaign goes off without a hitch.

SSL Certificates as a Google Ranking Factor: Things You Need to Know

When it comes to ranking factors in search, Google still largely calls the shots. While Google doesn’t completely disclose all the details used in their search algorithms, they constantly put out updates on search ranking best practices that website owners and businesses should adhere to. One of those updates was how HTTPs encryption through SSL certificates is going to be a major ranking factor.

Blog was last modified: May 6th, 2015 by Miho Karlic
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