Great News For Ontario Residents:

This will be of primary interest to anyone living within Ontario Canada, who has always wanted to attend a hands-on SEO Workshop in Toronto, but has had difficulty coming up with the SEO Workshop Tuition.

Search Engine Academy Toronto Now Offers SEO Skills Training to help more people get jobs and digital media skills training to help strengthen the Ontario province’s economy.

Whether you want to attend the 2 Day Basic SEO Workshop or the 3-Day Advanced SEO Workshop or the 5-Day Complete SEO Mastery Workshop, if you are a resident in Ontario, Canada – you can have your training at no charge, THANKS to The Ontario Canada Job Grant.

What Your Employers Need To Know:

The Ontario Canada Job Grant will provide employers with up to $10,000 in training costs for an individual worker,  including tuition and training materials.

Since its launch in 2009, the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers has helped over 10,000 unemployed workers in Ontario.

Barry Byers, SEO Master Instructor of the Toronto Search Engine Academy says:

“It’s available right now. In fact, we have already had SEO workshop attendees graduate, having had their tuition paid for by this Ontario grant.”

For more details about the new grant and how to apply for it, please visit this page:

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Canadian Employers: Now is a perfect time to apply for the Ontario Grant and once approved, you can coordinate your staff to attend their digital marketing, SEO and Social Media training with our Toronto Search Engine Academy Instructor, Barry Byers.

About SEO Master Instructor Barry Byers:

Barry Byers is the founder of Search Engine Academy Toronto and President of His hands–on business background, first in the Canadian fashion industry and then in marketing where he ran a leading national Yellow Pages advertising agency, allowed him to quickly recognize and adapt to the growing importance of the Internet for businesses of all size. Barry developed an early expertise in online marketing through his work transitioning Yellow Page clients from print to online media. Barry passes his search engine optimization and social media marketing expertise to his students.