Howdy, my fellow webmaster heroes! We’re hosting an online webinar for Google Hummingbird – a “feeder” system for creating interesting, unique, useful content that is easy to optimize and aligns with the Google Hummingbird search algorithm update that rolled out a few months ago. Search Engine Academy teaches you how to create content in several different ways, and this is a new process created by me that I want to share with you. Register here to reserve your space.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 11, 2014 from 2PM Eastern Time to 3PM Eastern for this webinar.

If you’re a web content writer, blogger, article/case study/whitepaper creator and are trying to figure out how to get your content to show up higher search results, please join us for this hour-long information session that will boost your writing skills and allow you to easily create an online content strategy with optimized pages that readers want to find.

What’s In Our Online Webinar About The Google Hummingbird Algorithm Content System

  • What the Google Hummingbird algorithm update is
  • Why your content management strategy must line up with the algorithm to rank better
  • Finding “topics of interest” that will meet the Google Hummingbird algorithm requirements
  • Our step by step system to create Google Hummingbird-friendly content
  • Developing unique, useful, in-depth content that your target audience wants to read and share
  • And more!

I’ll be going through the algorithm update and show you want it means. We’ll go over the strategies you can use to find keywords and topics that line up with the updated search formula.

I’ll have step by step examples for you to follow and you’ll also receive a process checklist from Search Engine Academy for you to use to develop your own content that can take advantage of Google Hummingbird.

During this online webinar, I’ll answer your questions about leveraging Google’s search formula with optimized content that’s written for your human readers.

Won’t you join us? We think you’ll take away a lot about creating a content strategy and management system that will get great visibility in search results for your web pages. Register now for our Google Hummingbird Feeder webinar, and we’ll see you on March 11!

Until next time, stay between the ditches, my webmaster sisters and brothers.

All the very best to you,