Hello, all of you SEO heroes! I just have to rant and rave again. SEO, believe it or not, has an impact on best practices in business and vice versa. When I teach SEO classes, the subject often comes up, and people wonder how business practices and SEO integrate.  Here are three situations I’ve gone through in the last two weeks with local businesses in the Washington DC area. I’m doing my best to protect the guilty!

  • Sent an email to a business owner; got no answer for two days. Tried to call both numbers listed on his card; one told me the voice mailbox wasn’t set up yet, and the other one said his voice mail box was full, well duh. Finally got to leave him a message where I chewed his butt out for being so hard to reach.
  • Had phone conversations and emails with another business to send me some records; a week later, they’re still not here, and two emails have gone unanswered. Two weeks later, I FINALLY get the records I need.
  • Another business owner has a cell phone, but doesn’t know to how to set up or access voice mail. He doesn’t do email; claims it doesn’t help build relationships. Would you care to guess how old he is? Old.

The point is, if I were a lesser person – which I try not to be – is that if someone else ripped these businesses on Yelp or in Google reviews, this is going to hurt their website standings, if they even have any. I have a very bad habit of automatically analyzing websites, and trust me, none of these are anything to rave about in a good way. They all depend upon regional prospects to become customers. It’s bad enough they don’t do anything to boost their website visibility, but if they get even one negative review, they’ll never, ever, ever see the light of day of page one.

  • If your site isn’t going to attract prospects, can you at least make yourself accessible by phone?
  • If you do use email, can you check it like every 24 hours and answer the mail?
  • In this day and age, do you really dare admit you cannot use voice mail or email?

Hire someone who can do these tasks. These folks are very easy to find, have reasonable prices and can make you look very professional. You’re welcome.

Until we meet here again…keep it between the ditches, umkay?

All the best to you,