New Wordtracker Tool is on Shaky Ground for Accuracy

What Happened to Wordtracker?

Speaking as one of Wordtracker’s biggest fans for over 10 years now, I’ve just had a look at their latest new keyword research tool. As we all know in the SEO world, keyword research is one of the most important aspects to creating high traffic strategies. In my books, Wordtracker has been the tool to lead the way with it’s cool KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) to swiftly sort the best windows of opportunity. The IAAT metric that allows you to know more accurately how competitive a phrase is based on pages that have 2 basic SEO influences. Then there was the fact that you can sort data by popularity. Another benefit is that that you can enter singular terms and Wordtracker would pick up the plurals and add them automatically.

So what just changed in Wordtracker?

The new Wordtracker tool seems to be eliminating all of the most useful metrics and a quick testing of the tool will leave most people completely lost, with no useful data. Gone are all of the useful metrics and supposedly Wordtracker is coming up with some new more advanced metric, but of course it is top secret and they don’t talk about what it is or when it will arrive.

The old Wordtracker used the KEI score and then later introduced a new KEI3 score that was supposed be better than KEI, but in my books KEI 3 was a failure and never produced anything reliable. KEI in the old tool still works well to quickly sort results, but of course the old tool will someday disappear.

Another very huge benefit is the way the old Wordtracker would let you search for hidden user behaviors and it often revealed very telling keyword phrases. The new tool has some interesting ideas but right now, without any useful metrics you are still better off using the old tool to quickly find meaningful data quickly.

What can you do about the changes in Wordtracker?

For me, I will continue to use the reliable old tool as long as they leave it online (which will hopefully be for a few months.) The new tool has some very serious flaws in accuracy, revealing phrases that are supposed to be lower competition, but in reality are highly competitive.  I will wait to see what new “more advanced” metric they introduce but right now, Wordtracker seems to be on fairly shaky ground as far as accuracy goes. Of course there are plenty of other excellent keyword tools out their that do offer more reliable data.