Good day, my fellow SEO warriors! I’ve recently decided to jump into PPC, and I thought it would be interesting to share my efforts with you. Search Engine Academy understands the importance of intelligently planning pay per click, and I’ve been trying to follow it.

So this week, my SEO buddy Steve – he’s actually doing the work and running the whole effort for me because he’s damned good at it – went over a few things. We’re going to start with two SEO courses. We look at some recommended best practices for placing landing page elements on each web page. What we’re going with is emphasizing the target audience at the top of the page. We’re going to do 3 CTA’s – call to action – at the top, middle and bottom of the page.

It’s my job to write up web copy. I have to make it compelling and put every single benefit right out there for prospects to read. I’m working on that now.

We also talked about keyword research. We’re trying to organize buckets or vertical lists of top level keywords to help Steve do the detailed keyword research. Right now, we’re not constraining ourselves with the price per click – I’ll do that reality check a little later.

I’m using a WordPress platform, and I’m going to install Yoast for SEO to make sure I maximize my own on-page SEO efforts.

Steve showed me some interesting data from a Facebook PPC effort he’s doing, so we may well spread my budget between Google Adwords, LinkedIn targeted ads and Facebook. I’m still pondering – I’ll let you know.

I also try to gather up people in the New York City area to teach SEO, so Steve and I decided we would set up an Aweber mail list sign up on the right side of the site. I need a certain number of students to go up there and make it worth my while, so we’re going to collect emails, then we get a certain number, we’ll set up a landing page for those folks to go register for NYC SEO training at a specified date and location in Manhattan.

So that’s what we did this week. I’ll keep you posted on our progress! Until next time, keep it between the ditches, alright?

All the best to you,