Join me for a 1 hour private Keyword Research Webinar on Sept. 26th at 1PM

My 5 Secret Root Word “Styles” for Performing Keyword Forensics for Internet Marketing
with John Alexander

If you have ever studied with us at the Search Engine Academy, then you’ll already know the basics of how to use powerful “root words” to quickly uncover fair to high volume keyword phrases with lower competition.

However, in this 1 hour private Webinar, I am going to share with you (my own personal favorite root words) in 5 different very specific styles, so that you can instantly tap into literally hundreds of the very most effective keyword phrases.

What’s holding you back from discovering the most unique and effective, long tail keywords?

Over the years, I have found that for many people doing keyword research, tend to get stuck or feel like they hit a dead end. So while they continue to try to research other “new keywords,” (but fail to change their style of thinking) it becomes a downward tailspin.

As a result of performing similar actions, they just come up with even more of the same style of highly competitive terms that have very little or no window of opportunity at all. And the more they repeat the process, the more they convince themselves that no good keywords even exist.

So often they just settle for the only keywords they can find, never realizing with just tiny changes to their thinking – they could be accessing much more powerful keyword phrases that 95% of most Webmasters miss altogether.

In this Webinar, I will be giving you 5 category based styles that you can easily use, to uncover dozens and dozens of long tail keywords, with low competition but with fair to enormous search volume. Once you know these various exercises, you won’t ever get stuck again.

As a matter of fact, I will also be identifying a 6th Bonus thinking style to go with the other 5, plus I will be demoing the results to you right on your screen.

5 specific styles of root words + plus a bonus style too!

5 specific styles of root words + plus a bonus style too!


















I will only be sharing this Webinar session one time only and I have restricted it to only 200 seats. No recording will be made available so that the information will be served just for you and the other live attendees top benefit from only.

Here is your chance to join me once again in a live demo and watch right over my shoulder on Thursday Sept. 26th at 1PM EST.
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I look forward to working together with you online in this private session. Please do not register unless you are sure you will be able to join me live on this date.

Highest regards,
John Alexander
Founder and Director of Training

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