Keyword Research – Using Wordtracker’s New Tool to Find Audience Behavior and Interests

One of the strengths of Wordtracker, is being able to chose one or two action
related words to explore a searching audience’s interests. While the old approach to
KEI (Keyword effectiveness Index) has changed to now to a confined metric between 1
(most competitive) to a top ceiling of 100 (greatest window of opportunity) we can
also watch the competetition column for an indicator of how hard or easy it will be
to compete.

One of the most important aspects of research behavior to find out what the
searchers are really looking for, is revealed by your choice of descriptive root
words, that you seed into the tool. So for todays exercise, I am going to try and
quickly tap into the type of products that relate to hobbyists keeping an open ended
set of perimeters.

By this I am referring to seeking a word or phrase that will allow us to observe a
wide variety of interests based on the type of things that a person may create. With
an indication of the action of “creating” or “making something”, combined with a
secondary word that could range across a wide variety of topics, but instead of
identifying the topic, we’ll leave it to Wordtracker to reveal hidden interests.

If you want to try this yourself, here is the rational for todays exploration. I am
entering the word “making” combined with a word that relates openly to
something people like to make “kits.”

So the phrase is “making kits” with the thought of a specific subject left out.

Check out the results which we drew from Wordtrackers Google API.

Ideally we are looking for low competition (red highlight) and
higher KEI (in green highlight) and notice how Wordtracker has identified
how users are searching for various types of kits.

Wordtracker research results for "making kit"

This keyword research took less than 60 seconds to conduct and immediately you get a sense
of what types of “kits” people are searching for on Google along with the metrics that show you
how hard or how easy any opportunity may be to compete for.

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