Keeping up to date with all the SEO trends and algorithm changes?  SEO is a fast paced environment, so don’t feel bad if you can’t answer that question with a resounding “Yes.”  Keeping your SEO training up to date can be, to say the least, challenging.  What helped your website rank well last year may not be what you want to do this year, meaning we can’t live in the past.  The Search Engine Academy provides a few resources to help keep you up to speed in the industry that I will share with you.  And, by the nature of being an academy – we offer training.  Beyond that, we have ways of helping keep our students up to speed long after their training with us.  Let’s take a look.

SEA Blog

Okay, so this one might be a bit obvious since you are staring at our blog at this very moment, but the Search Engine Academy Blog is one of the ways we help SEO learners keep up with the game.  Of note, the SEA Blog is contributed to by our seasoned SEO training associates.  Tip: you can check out the associates’ individual websites for more SEO news and tips.

Two Minute SEO

Need a quick refresher between tasks?  Two Minute SEO may just be your ticket.  These training videos take a topic and give you two minutes of insight into a critical piece of the SEO puzzle – a bite-sized morsel of goodness.

SEA Newsletter

The SEA Newsletter is a great way to get updates from us, as well.  Sign up to get SEO training information politely delivered to your inbox.


We always encourage our readers to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  These channels see a lot of great content!  We often share content from SEO heroes and others in the industry, snippets from our workshops, and content from our associates.

SEO Workshops

SEO workshops – the very reason the Search Engine Academy lives and breathes.  Ah yes, we’ve been at this for a while – since 1999.  Thousands of students later, we continue to provide comprehensive SEO training courses.  Now, something you may not know about our workshops is that you can come back to gain your certification and refresh your knowledge at a reduced cost. Check out these discounts for returning students:

  • Refresh on any SEA Workshop within one year of your original workshop date and save 50% off the course price.  Use coupon code: Refresh1Year.
  • Refresh on any SEA Workshop within two years of your original workshop date and save 25% off the course price.  Use coupon code: Refresh2Years.
  • Refresh on any SEA Workshop after two years of your original workshop date and save 10% off the course price.  Forever.  Yes, forever.  Use coupon code: RefreshForever.

Hopefully, this has given you a birdseye view of the tools we have available to help you keep your SEO chops up to date.  We would love to have you join us in any of our classes.  We are wrapping up courses for the 2016 year with a couple more workshops on the calendar, and are actively scheduling dates through 2017. Leave us a comment below to share how you keep up with the trends and changes in the SEO world!