Howdy ho, my SEO friends! Peeps want to know how those of us who are part of Search Engine Academy keep up with SEO news. I’d like to share my resources with you.

SEO changes every day, it seems. It can be challenging to keep up with what’s going on. I usually spend about an hour to two hours each day, combing the blogs and reading about what’s new, hot and happening. All’s you have to do is go dark or get off the grid for about a day, and the next thing you know, SEO processes and strategies you’ve been doing are suddenly black hat SEO or just obsolete, ugh!

So here’s my trusted, preferred sources that keep me up to date on SEO:

  • Google Analytics Blog – here’s where you can learn all about the newest features and benefits of Google Analytics. They do a great job of explaining changes and updates, and how to best use them.
  • Google Webmaster Central Blog – everything that your Google Webmaster Tools touches upon can be found here. Updates, discussions and new features are posted.
  • Google’s Chief Anti-Spam Engineer Matt Cutts – I really like this one. Matt humanizes himself to us by talking about his 30 day challenges he likes to implement in his life, as well as all things anti-spam that are being addressed by Google.
  • Search Engine Guide – lots of good stuff about brand building, local SEO, PPC, link building, keywords and more.
  • Search Engine Journal – lots of guest writers share their knowledge and information about ranking, Facebook, Google manual penalties, digital marketing strategies and so much more.
  • Search Engine Land – my favorite, and probably most every other SEOer’s on the planet. I absolutely trust Danny Sullivan and the guest bloggers who happily give away valuable information, processes and strategies to boost my SEO knowledge on link building, blogging, keyword research and content marketing.
  • Search Engine RoundtableBarry Schwartz is a great, great SEO guy. I depend upon Barry to be the one of the first, if not the first SEOer to break news about Google updates. He’s busy combing webmaster forums and keeps his ear to the ground better than any other SEO writer I follow.
  • Search Engine Watch – these guys are great. The guest writers are experts in link building, local SEO, mobile SEO, PPC and so much more SEO news and happenings.
  • SEO By The Sea – if you want to keep up with Google patent filings, Bill Slawski is the man. He’s staked out his niche in reporting and analyzing Google patents, as well as basic SEO functions that are timeless. Bill writes in a very easy to understand style.
  • SEOMoz – I love this site for their famous “Whiteboard Friday” feature, as well as the interesting news and content about the ups and downs of clients, enterprise SEO, being an in-house SEOer vs. freelance, as well as great posts on content management.
  • Webmaster World – from YouTube to code to social to hardware and more, subscribe to these guys and get a well-rounded perspective on things that support your SEO efforts.

So there you have it! What are your favorite SEO blogs or writers that aren’t mentioned here? Let me know in your comments.

Until next time, keep it between the ditches!

Best to you,