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No No! You Have To Woo Her!

We business owners have SO many ways to get found online by our potential customers. In my free report, 10 Ways To Get Found Online Today, I show you that search engine optimization, or SEO, isn’t the only way to get people to engage with you. Not by far.

Unfortunately, so many business owners make the fundamental mistake that their potential buyers are ready to whip out their wallet on the spot and spend money with them. Not true. It’s actually very rare that someone will want to give you their money on the spot.¬†Here are a couple reasons why.

They Don’t Trust You (Yet)

I’ve said it many times: “People buy into you before they buy from you.” Our brains are hard wired to mistrust things until we are 100% sure that it’s safe to proceed. I was watching the National Geographic show “Brain Games” last night. They set up a booth in a public place with a giant sign that said, “FREE MONEY!”. The guy in the booth (the host of the show) had a very hard time convincing people that the bucket full of money sitting in front of him was absolutely free, and people could just take whatever they wanted. Why? They didn’t trust him. There had to be a catch, right? Even though he was handing money out, people just walked away and shook their head.

If you haven’t built up a level of trust with your potential customers, just because they found your website or business listing, doesn’t mean they’re ready to hand YOU money. What can you do to build that trust?

  • Actively work on building reviews from happy customers on Yelp, Google+¬†(go to the bottom to see the reviews) and other rating sites. People read them, and the more 5 star ratings you have, the higher the trust level.
  • Have a testimonials page with photos of happy customers (here’s an example) with their good words to say. If they can be shown using your product, or in your location (like a restaurant), even better.
  • Use video testimonials from happy customers and place them on your website. They’re very quick to create, and show that they are real people who have gone before them, and had a good experience with your business.
  • Join the Better Business Bureau, Diamond Certified, Angie’s List or other rating services to show your potential customers that you provide good service, and make sure people rate you there.
  • Put the Verisign or HackerSafe logos on your website so people know their money is safe with you.
  • Use your pay per click (PPC) campaign to generate leads for your newsletter or free download instead of just trying to sell them on the spot. Then you can woo your customers over time.

All of these factors help to build trust in you. In his book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, Robert Cialdini says that Social Proof is one of the most important factors in buying decisions. Having social proof that others have gone before them and had a good experience is a must in today’s business world. You religiously study the Amazon.com reviews before you purchase, right? Your customers are checking up on you too. Cialdini also said that “reciprocity” is very helpful. If I give you something for free (like a valuable report), you may feel more likely to trust me and do business with me.

The Brain Games show said that our brains are hard wired to give us a good feeling if our trust “instincts” pay off with a good result. It’s also positive reinforcement for “I was right to listen to my gut – it was a bad deal,” further validation to be suspicious.

They’re Just Not Ready to Buy (Yet)

This is the biggie. It’s highly unlikely that a person landing on your website is ready to buy at that very moment. They may be doing research because it’s something they’re thinking about. They’re kicking tires, weighing options, costs, and providers. So if your website tries to “sell” them at that moment, it’s probably a big turn off. We all hate being “sold” or being pressured to make a decision that instant.

Instead, in the words of George Takei in a recent episode of “The Big Bang Theory” TV show, “No no, you have to woo her!” You have to woo your customers to help them to understand who you are, what your business is all about, and how you can help them.

People aren’t just buying your service. We buy groceries and gasoline, because we need it. That’s why the people at the checkout stand is called a “clerk”, not a sales associate.

Instead your customers are purchasing the solution to their problem. They have a problem, you have the solution. Show them how your solution is THE solution, and it’s better than any other solution to their pain or their problem that’s out there.

Does your website convey that clearly? Does it woo your clients? Or just try to sell them?