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It seems there is some talk that the Google Penguin Algorithm update is focused on small businesses, so here is my take on it.

Google Penguin is an Over Optimization Filter designed to lower the rankings of pages using excessive SEO techniques to “artificially” improve their rank, rather than by proving good high quality content – here is the official Google Webmaster discussion on their blog for you to read.

Some examples of SEO Over Optimization:

  • Have too many keywords on the page;
  • Exchange too many links;
  • Doing things in excess when compared to others;
  • Writing content for the keywords you want to be found for, rather than what reader’s are searching for.

As a result of the Penguin update “over-optimized or over-SEO-ed” pages are dropping in the search results, those pages with good content have no choice but to bubble up to the top of the rankings. And who would tend to NOT be optimizing their pages (maybe even non-optimized pages altogether) but small businesses?

If these pages have better information that can benefit the “Googlers” why shouldn’t they rise to the top? Delivering quality search results is always a trade off between Content and Authority for Search Engines, which is why quality pages with Less Google Page Rank or Google Juice have been able to out rank pages with Higher Google Page Rank on the Search Engine Result Pages.

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