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How to Cope with the Skyrocketing Cost of Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I’ve been in the SEO business professionally since 2002.  Since I measure Internet years the same as dog years, that means I’ve been around the world of search for  over 90 “years.”  It’s no exaggeration for me to say that SEO has never been harder, and never been more expensive.  I still remember the rates I charged consulting clients back then.  I priced my services at the high side of SEO because I didn’t take short cuts, so I would tell prospective clients that they should be able to budget at least $5,000 for professional SEO per year.

Well, that $5000 number has not changed.  Except now, the company I work for, Horizon Web Marketing, charges clients that on a monthly basis, not an annual basis.  The reason is simple: Google has effectively shut down any form of SEO that doesn’t require time, effort, and knowledge.  Sure, there are “professional” SEO consultants still around that promise quick, easy, and cheap results.  It’s sounds too good to be true, and of course you know why.

Additionally, Google is increasingly favoring well developed brand names.  You can probably imagine the type of money it takes to develop a national brand name, but, guess what, that’s what Google wants to offer its searchers.  So basically, all the factors that matter are favoring large, well endowed corporations.

SEO Training Might be the Only Way to Cope with Google’s New World Order

Most business can’t afford to spend $60,000 per year on Search Engine Optimization.  However there is another option: SEO training for staff.  Compare the costs: At the Search Engine Academy our most expensive training is a 5-day immersion course for just shy of $2500.  That course will take the student from 0-60 in SEO in short order.  If $2,500 seems like a lot in terms of professional training, think of the fact that $2,500 might only buy you a couple of weeks of a professional SEO program.  Suddenly $2,500 start to seem like a wise, and even inexpensive, investment.

The good news in all of this is that most small businesses compete with other small businesses, who are equally unable to spend in the high 5 figures on search optimization.  However, having a staff member, or the owner of the company, versed in those aspects of optimization that really count is enough to give a competitive advantage.

Our goal at the Search Engine Academy is to provide the type of training to small business owners that conveys an understanding of the type of actions that are needed to give a business that edge.  The qualification is that the training we offer will give advantages only with time and persistent application.

A good starting point for small business owners is our Basic SEO class. In 2 days you learn many of the principles that form the essential ground work for a real SEO campaign.  For a business owner that’s critical either for guiding your employees or hiring outside help for your Internet marketing efforts.  If you have staff members already charged with maintaining your website, the best bet is our SEO complete program.

Take a look at our course descriptions, and then make the choice that will help you get back into Google’s game.