If you have ever attended one of our Search Engine Academy SEO training classes
before, you'll know the importance of compelling your readers to respond by
using a bulleted list of benefits within your Web copy.
Today, I thought I'd review with you the the importance of using "benefits"
versus only outlining "features." Then I'll show you a way you can create a
matrix to help you put the benefits into the most effective order.
Benefits instead of Features:
Far too many time, we'll spot occasions where you may be selling a product, but
students may have not really gone beyond simply describing what the product does.
It's extremely important to realize that most visitors to your Web site may not
ever make a connection between a feature of the product (what the product does)
and the true benefit of that feature (how that feature is of true value.)
Let's look at an example for a site that sells a quality baby stroller or carriage.
1. Feature Only:
This deluxe stroller comes complete with a reversable canopy.
2. Feature with benefit:
This deluxe stroller comes complete with a reversable canopy so that when you
are taking your baby out for a walk, your youngster can look out at the world
or you can reverse the position so Mom can maintain eye contact with the child.
1. Feature only:
Model comes with easy steering wheel system.
2. Feature with Benefits:
The wheel system on this model includes front and rear suspension for easy maneuvering
and safely supports up to 40 lbs.
1. Feature only:
Features a safety harness for the child
2. Benefit and feature:
Sliding harness adjustment system promotes for perfect fit and no rethreading required.
1. Feature only
Includes a detachable infant car seat
2. Feature and benefit:
Includes a rear-facing infant car seat for infants up to 35 lbs while the remaining
stroller folds away with one hand and a press of the button, fitting safely in the
car trunk. The car seat features a "stay-in-car base" with solid latch safety connectors
for easy installation.
--- End of example ------------------
In each of the cases above, you`ll notice that for Internet Marketing purposes, that
item number 1. describes the feature only while
item 2 goes into more detail to help the buyer understand the value and benefit of the
Obviously if we were really selling a baby stroller, we could go on and on to ensure
we included all of the benefits listed out in bullet form. The more benefits, the more
you are building the desire to buy for the reader.
Finally, as a last step and assuming you were working with a whole list of bulleted
benefits, you could assign each one a specific number in order of importance. When you
have a list of 10 or 20 benefits, creating a matrix will help you put the benefits
into an attractive and compelling order so that by the time you bring your sales
letter to a close adding an attractive special sales price, your visitor is going
to want to buy that stroller.