Special Persuasive Writing Webinar – October 10, 2013 at 1PM EST

If you have ever felt like you had a case of “writers block” while sitting there staring at a blank page, then this Webinar
is a perfect solution for you.

Just exactly how do you get a boost to your creativity when you may be feeling stuck or unmotivated or just can’t seem
to make a start?

Whether you are into Internet Marketing, Blogging, Web design, search engine optimization or even affiliate marketing,
it does not matter because sooner or later we all need to learn how to boost our creativity write more influential Web copy.

In this session, you’ll be exploring very powerful, persuasive copywriting for the Web. Join me onscreen as we examine my
own favorite, easy-to-apply triggers to instantly overcome that feeling of writers block and begin to immediately enable
charging up your writing skills with new ideas, new motivation that your readers will really love.

In no time flat, you’ll be writing dialog in a way that compels your Web visitors to respond to your Web page.

Up your creativity in persuasive writing

We’ll be examining a variety of elements that you can use to quickly beef up your influential Web copy, gain your
readers full attention and improve your sales and conversions.

As part of this Webinar, you’ll also be getting a variety of tools and hand-outs, multiple examples of persuasive copywriting
components that you can creatively use over and over again (even if you have never written a persuasive sales letter before
in your life.)

I’ll be giving you several bonuses that you can use for reference to help you afterwards.

Special follow up Bonus:
As part of this special Webinar, I will be offering you the chance to have me give your online sales letter a personal and private,
one-on-one review in detail. I will outline any missing components, offer my best advice concerning your style of writing, the use
of confidence builders, the flow of dialog as well as give you other new suggestions for you on exactly how you can make
improvements on your sales letter, increase your conversions and influence more of your visitors to become buying

Are you ready to take your Web sales to a whole new level?

Then be sure to register early to attend this Webinar on October 10th at 1PM EST.

Register here:

This being a live online writing workshop will mean that it is not pre-recorded but a live
event in person with me as your host.

I look forward to working together with you live and onscreen.

Highest regards,
John Alexander
Founder and Director of Training

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