I often write about what it’s like to experience a hands-on, live, SEO Mastery Workshop.  If you have never attended a Search Engine Academy workshop, it’s important to understand all of the differences between the workshops and a more traditional seminar.

Benefits of a Traditional Seminar

  • Like a trade show (often with hundreds attendance)
  • Excellent networking opportunities
  • Listen to popular speakers
  • Opportunity to obtain speakers notes to take home
  • Popular exhibits to view
  • Usually an excellent opportunity to engage with others
    during luncheons or after hours events
  • Often there are promotional giveaways and discounts on products and services

Benefits of a Search Engine Academy Workshop

  • Workshops are limited to much smaller groups so that every participant has personal attention.
  • Listen to experts who teach SEO and social media skills in a completely systematic approach.
  • Learn through hands-on exercises, demonstrations and drills designed to maximize your understanding.
  • As the name implies, a “work shop” is a place where you learn “by doing.”
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date agenda that covers the full scope of Internet marketing
  • Each attendee gets a copy of all screenshots to take home
  • Daily evaluations to benchmark your progress
  • Daily Question and Answer sessions to ensure every question gets answered.
  • Every participant gets their Web site reviewed
  • Workshops are offered in different formats –
  • 2-Day events for Basic SEO
  • 3-Day Advanced SEO
  • Complete 5-Day SEO Mastery (includes Basic and Advanced)
  • Bring your own laptop to class so you and your Instructor can discuss and work on your actual Web site.
  • Participants can earn their SEO certification of skills

All 5-Day students enjoy a 6 month personal mentoring program with their Instructor to ensure they get on-going support after training at no extra cost.

Our graduates often return to future workshops to catch up on all of the latest changes and when they do, they earn a 50% discount on their tuition as Alumni members.

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