More than ever before, 2014 will truly be a great year for writers. Whether Internet Marketing, Blogging or whatever format you end up working in, when it comes to writing useful, engaging content, you’ll find some tremendous opportunities if you have an understanding of Natural Language Processing and have learned how to master casting a much wider semantic net in 2014.

There are so many folks that I’ve heard say that it is their dream to become a writer on the web. In this post, I’ll start by talking about the reasons some people have had trouble getting started. Some people do a lot of talking about how much they want to write, but it seems they just have a little trouble taking those first steps to get started.

Be encouraged – Here are a Few Tips to Ponder if you Want To Write for the Web. This coming year of 2014 will become the year of the writer more than ever before. Literally with a little practice, nearly anyone who has a message to share, can be published today online and even within major publications.

Before I explain this further, I’d also like to encourage those out there who already know deep down that they are writers.

How many times have you heard people say, “I wish I could become a writer.”

It’s always amazing that when I talk to these folks express the wish to write, but something or someone has discouraged them or prevented them from ever trying to get started. For some people, they often have written something. But perhaps no one has ever encouraged them or taught them about the high demand for well written material. At Search Engine Academy, we’ve been teaching this to our students for years.

For these types of people, I don’t need to tell you that you can write because you already know it – the trouble is just getting a start. Then for some new writers, there is nearly a fear to show someone what they’ve written, as if to say that if their work gets published – “Now the whole world will be able to read what I think” and it generates a certain fear of criticism etc.

If this is you, then relax. I think at some point every published writer has had a point when they started, that they may have a similar thought.

Let’s talk a bit about what type of writing is in demand today?

You name it. Especially thanks to the Internet and the digital age. There is a demand for fresh articles in
the form of:

–technical writing,
–SEO copywriting
–hard news
–Frequently Asked Questions
–Product reviews
–Top 10 lists
–Educational style columns
–Literally thousands of Blog categories
–Updates about your industries changes,
–Motivational Tips
–Inspirational stories
–and the list goes on and on.

Anyone who has a message to share and if you can write useful, engaging content sharing those messages then with only a little practice you can build your online business presence.

Then let’s talk for a minute about the old style of writing.

For those who have been things the same way for years and may wonder about making that jump to the digital age. Gone are the days when you had post mail a query letter to an editor, formally asking them if they’d like your latest article. There are some still doing this old school style, but why spend money on postage when many publications all have resources online. Most publishers will have editorial guidelines for you to follow. Of course it’s a great idea to subscribe to publications so you can get an idea of the type of content they prefer.

Whether you are just getting started or whether you are experienced, but just have not tried working with the Internet, you need to make the jump.

I know there are always some new readers who say, “but John, I am not a writer.”

Guess what? You are not alone.
I know because I use to say the same thing to myself years ago.

But guess what?

There has never been more opportunities to get started than there are today, right now. Even if you are critical of your own first effort (lots of people are there own worst critics) remember that you will become a better and better writer just by reason of practice. Like anything else in life, by practice you can improve the
value your content delivers. You will build your own style of delivery “which is referred to as your voice.”

I encourage you to make a start. Don’t listen to the wrong voices that tell you that you can never do it.

But begin to listen to the positive voices around you and consider making friends with other writers who already know it’s possible and are successfully writing. The best way to learn a new skill or refine one is to learn from someone who already is successfully doing the job. Remember that Google is smart enough these days to learn how to understand the context of a page, so for those who write good content, you’ll naturally merit some rewards of traffic and exposure.

In the meantime, be greatly encouraged to make a start.  Make it your goal to create quality, useful content that is tailored to your audience. Make it relevant content that your customers will welcome as a helpful resource and you’ll be on your way.

Highest regards,
John Alexander
Founder and Director of Training

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