Let’s start with a definition of niche …

1. A recess in a wall, as for holding a statue.
2. A cranny, hollow, or crevice, as in a rock.
3. A situation or activity specially suited to a person’s abilities or character.

Finding a niche is important whether Internet Marketing
or real world marketing:

I think I always knew that choosing the right niche market, was considered
essential to business success, yet for me, as for many professionals, choosing
a niche felt something like the “kiss of death” in a way. When we dig in our
heels against choosing a niche,  we are probably responding to the first two
definitions above.

After all, who wants to do business in a hole in a wall or in a tiny, rocky
place, right? 

If you believe that defining your niche market means choosing a hard,
cramped, and confining space, it’s no wonder we resist.

People who bring their heart and soul to their work will resist niche
marketing that tells them they must restrict the ways in which they
offer value added service to the world.

But the good news is that choosing your niche market will do exactly
the opposite: it will free you to be the biggest, most authentic, and
most complete offer possible.

Consider the third definition of niche.

When you look at niche in this light, you will see that your perfect niche
market is that location or domain in which you are most readily accessible
to the people who are most likely to benefit from (and thus value) the offer
that you are and in which you are simultaneously most free to exercise
your brilliance.

Your niche market is the place where you have a natural competitive
advantage because you occupy the right place in the right ecosystem.

A good niche market is one in which:

  • You are highly visible and easily accessible to the people
    who are most likely to benefit from your work, including
    prospective clients and customers, prospective collaborators
    and partners, and others with whom value-adding activities
    are most likely to be mutually beneficial.
  • You can employ the widest range of your talents, skills,
    and training (your offer) using unique and original concepts
    that separate you from even those who are in that same niche.

Importance of targeting your niche market

There’s a paradox in naming your niche market.  When you give people a
category to put your products or services in, it is easier for them to get a
handle on what you do (and also to remember it.)

It’s also much easier for them to appreciate how you differ from other
professionals in that category. In other words, by putting yourself in a
category, you can also make yourself stand out because you distinguish
yourself from others in that category.

This is best referred to as your unique selling proposition (USP) or as
some migh call it, a unique selling point.


A personal example in summary:

Over 10 years ago, when I first started teaching SEO skills to small groups
of business owners, I had a vision to create a form of event, unlike any of
the other more common SEO seminars or conferences. There were plenty
of good SEO type conferences around, so how would I creat my USP?

Most conferences are big events with dozens of speakers. Great for the big
money type of event and great for networking too. Plus they’re a lot of fun.
But I decided that I wanted to do small groups and do them more in the
form of a hands-on SEO Workshop, where each student would get
individualized attention to detail, plus actual drilling and hands-on

Many big conferences offered upsells and add on services that aim to
extract even more money out of the attendees for things like cioaching or

But for our Search Engine Academy Workshops, we chose to include the
complete 6 Month Mentoring program for ongoing support at no extra
cost. There are lots of other things we did  differently too, like we do daily
evaluations to benchmark each students progress day by day, instead of

only doing one evaluation after the event is over. We also made it a priority
to ensure we answer every student’s question while they are in the SEO

So you can see that with all of these USP type things in mind we started
the very first SEO Mastery Workshop back in January 2002 in San Antonio,
Texas. Today we have a  network of SEO trainers and school locations located
all over the globe
, helping ordinary business owners to understand SEO, Social
Medial and a wide variety of high performance Internet marketing topics to
boost the success of their online business and enable them to compete.

Always consider your own USP carefully and build out your business in an
original way so that you separate yourself from the crowd in whatever niche
that you choose.