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You enjoy Internet Marketing on the Web, but sometimes you get tired or feel like you are running out of ideas searching for your audience’s interest then you must not be thinking laterally enough.  I never get tired of exploring user behavior. I don’t just think about “keywords” but think laterally about user behavior. If you can grasp user search behavior, you can often gather an understanding of why people search the Web the way that they do.

Remember the idea is never just to create content based on your own objectives (to sell a product or a service) but to write content based on your audience’s interests. There are plenty of ways to attract that perfect audience to a page if you can get your mind set free from focusing on only your own objectives.

So what is your audience looking for?

People are using the Internet everyday for the purpose of research. They’re looking for articles, interviews, product reviews instructional tutorials, statistical data, internet based tools, software reviews, movie reviews, stock quote information, medical articles, photos and graphics not to mention online price comparisons and shopping interests for retail and wholesale type services too.

If you get tired exploring some of these niches (still only scratching the surface)  Why not try creating your own original content pages and write from a perspective which allows you to be creative based on your own personal experiences.

For example:

A) If you have a favorite hobby, which you are knowledgeable about, you can be sure there are others will be interested in the same hobby.

B) Why not buy a product and write your own reviews of that product?

C) Could you create a travel related site by writing about your own travel experiences?

D) Do you ever go to movies? Could you write movie reviews?

E) How about taking your real world experiences and forming an actual case study?

Think about the world of behaviors and interests that occur everyday. Remember that you can use keyword forensic research techniques to explore a whole world of behaviors.

  • Explore peoples hobbies by name
  • Explore emotionally related topics
  • Explore people’s “health” related interests
  • Explore people’s security related interests
  • Explore people’s “common challenges” as opposed to thinking only of keywords that relate to the solution.
  • Explore people’s “opinions”
  • Explore people’s “political views”
  • Explore people’s “religious beliefs”
  • Explore things historical interests
  • Explore people’s interest in specific statistics
  • Explore people’s favorite “tools”

This is still really only scratching the surface but it should be enough to set your creativity in motion.

Are you looking for a cool tool that is especially effective at finding those hidden long tail keyword phrases?

Keyword Extreme Version 4 if properly used, is a tool that can open up a window on the “world of activities” that are happening right in the now. Not only can you do wild card searches to find the type of search phrases that most Webmasters miss but this tool gathers it’s data right from the source in places like Google Bing, AOL, Amazon, You Tube and much more. The creator of the tool has wisely
made this tool available for a one time purchase which is only $45.00. (No ongoing monthly membership fees or expenses.)

Practice creating content that speaks to a very specific audience  Write your content in a dialog for your specific audience. In other words, how your content reads to a grandmother (if that’s your target audience) may be quite different than how your content reads on a page written to be of interest to firefighters, for example. It’s important to relate to your specific readers in a way so they can relate
to you. You might want to talk about a common challenge that your entire audience will be able to relate to and feel for, before you start introducing your solution. It’s very important to create content that speaks to a specific audience.

When creating your content, remember to include strong calls to action. Never assume the reader will be able to guess at what you want them to do.

What do you want the reader to do once they finish reading your content.

Whatever it is, you need to clearly build these options into each page and leave nothing to guess work. Describe what action you would like them to take and never assume that they will just know, because they won’t act unless you spell it out.


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