Today I’m writing this article to let readers know how they can tap into exceptional Internet advice even when they cannot attend a Search Engine Academy workshop.

This post is actually not about the Search Engine Academy at all but another type of consultation service. But first let me ask you a question?

What type of help do you need?

  • Would you like to Increase traffic to your website?
  • Convert clicks into repeat customers?
  • Access exceptional advice on specific business decisions?
  • Understand how to generate desire and compel user response?

For all of this and so much more, I would like to introduce you to the man behind Dynamic Media Corporation, Michael Campbell.

Since 1993, Michael has been in the business of the Internet and I first met him back in 2002 when he came to one of our early Vancouver SEO workshops. Michael sat with our students and shared things with them that simply amazed them (as much as they amazed me!)

Michael Campbell became one of the very first mentors I had. As I listened to his advice, I learned so much about how other people “think” when they look at a Web page. I learned so much about persuasive copy writing and so many other things.

I can tell you first hand that unless you’ve experienced a Web site review by Michael Campbell, you’re probably missing literally dozens of simple little edits and changes that, once you know about them, will successfully crank up your conversion rates big time.

Michael is not just about SEO consulting, but he has a full array of services that you can read about including:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Product Creation & Promotion
  • Career and Business Decisions
  • Choosing Media & Social Channels
  • Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Converting Traffic into Customers

—— Client Testimonial ———

“Following Michael’s advice I made adjustments to four of my sites and ALL of them saw a conversion increase. His approach is a game changer. You will see the buying process in a light you have never
considered before and that will give you an edge in your market. ~ Jerry West, SEO Revolution


“Michael Campbell has one of the brightest marketing minds that I’ve met. When it comes to marketing, he’s what I call ‘scary’ smart.

Michael Marshall CEO, Internet Marketing Analysts


“Michael showed me one simple strategy that instantly increased website revenues, across ALL my sites by 32%.  Not bad for an hour’s work!!!

Ken McCarthy, The System® Seminar


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