When it comes to effective Internet Marketing, have you ever wished there was some way to calibrate or measure the effectiveness of your
Web site based on what visitors actually see and experience?

Here are a few important questions to consider:

◾ How much of your important Web copy do you think is really being read by Visitors?

◾What elements are your Web visitors really looking at on your Web page?

◾Where does their eyes first begin on a page and where do their eyes hesitate or stop?

◾What do your Web visitors see on your page but do NOT click on?

◾What do visitors NOT click on, simply because they never see it?

All interesting and valid questions to improve your Internet marketing which you may wish you had an answer for.
Well, now you can have an answer to these observations and many others too.

Think about these ideas.

◾Would it be useful to really be able to graphically measure how effectively you write articles?

◾Would it be useful to be able to look at your work and analyze exactly what people are looking at?

◾At what point do people stop scrolling down to read a page?

Thanks to a heat mapping process it is actually possible to measure all of these things and more. One very well test subject is
examining how people read the news. How their eyes move over the headlines, where their gaze stops, which links they see,
which links they don’t see, which links they choose to click on and much more can all be captured using test subjects.

Here are over 20 articles written on how to understand eye-tracking:

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