At the Search Engine Academy, many of our SEO Graduates often will decide to start their own new business as an SEO Professional and serving clients.

Have you given much thought to how you will present your new business services as unique and different from everyone else?

I’d like to share just a few quick tips to consider that may help you establish a very different and unique service from the competition.

I’d like to say that first and foremost, be prepared with the idea that some of your very first clients will be those unfortunate people who may have been taken advantage of by one of the “fly by night” SEO services out there.

How do I define a “fly by night” SEO?

These are usually the people who are well versed in a lot of SEO jargon and buzz words, yet have never really made an effort to study and master the proper skills. These types of people usually don’t have very many clients for very long be cause they set their sights on stinging the client for a lot of money up front, but then don’t have any idea of how to perform the job. In their mindset, they are a success once they got the money so then they tend disappear to go after the next sting.

Plan Ahead Beats No Planning in Overcoming Problem Crisis

One of the best ways to establish credibility, as a true SEO professional, is to focus on helping the new client to first understand what they typically may expect to see happen as a result of your work and secondly, you want to ensure that they do actually see for themselves, those results as they happen. Now if you’ve been doing SEO for a while now, of course you are accustomed to seeing those results, but never forget that for many clients, they have never ever seen any results (especially if they were a previous victim of a “fly by night” operation.

A few quick and easy tips are as follows:

  • For your new business, make sure your first few clients are going to become success stories by carefully choosing the clients you will serve. If someone wants to hire you and you don’t initially think you can deliver those optimal results (for example maybe they’re business is not suited to the Web.) Then don’t take them on as new clients and don’t take their money.
  • Make your focus on after sales service. Be the type of company that offers moderate results at the inset, but then after the sale is made, that’s when you want to out perform on your actual results. In short, don’t sell a lot of hyped up claims and then disappoint the client in providing your service.
  • One of the first things you want the client to learn about you (without you telling them,) is that you always tell the truth.
  • Make sure you communicate in natural dialog with your new client. The single most important aspect is helping their understanding. You are not there to impress them with a lot of fancy words and technical jargon that will really do nothing to help really educate them about the Web.
  • Stop focusing on the top 10 results. I have to say that because there are still SEOs out there that are pitching ranking reports. If you’ve attended the SEO Workshop at the Search Engine Academy, you’ll already know the solutions and the explanations concerning the shift to personalization factors – so make sure your client knows about it too.

Maybe you’re wondering about what to use, if ranking reports  no longer work?

  • The answer should be obvious. What you want to focus on is the clients analytics which will help the client to see and benchmark the increasing amount of traffic to each of their newly optimized pages.
  • Also get very focused on the actual increases in sales and visitor conversions. Benchmark and monitor things like how many new subscribers are signing up to the client’s online newsletter.

These are only a few very basic tips, assuming you are a qualified Search Engine Academy graduate, I encourage you to go back and read all of your session notes from the afternoon of Day 5 in the SEO Workshop.

The session is entitled “Tips for Profesional SEOs.”

If you are starting a new SEO business, you can never give enough attention to fashioning a very unique selling proposition for your new start up business.

I hope these few tips are somewhat helpful and if you have not ever had the opportunity to receive professional SEO training, then we are here to help you get right up to speed in Basic SEO Essentials or Advanced SEO or both together in the 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshop.

Here is the full 5-Day Agenda in detail,

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Best wishes,
John Alexander
Founder and CEO

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