So many people are turning towards Internet marketing when looking for alternative means of making money.  Starting your own online business is probably the best bet when it comes to making a lot of money whether you are using search engine optimization or Pay Per Click Marketing or other strategies..

However, even though it is a great method for making money, here’s the thing… only a few people actually do it successfully.

Why do you think this is?

It is not because there is a lack of internet marketing information and other details available.

Nor is it because it does not really make money. The reason so few people succeed is because most people simply give up too early.

Not too many others will say this, but I’m telling you truely…it requires a lot of time and effort first and even then you will likely not see a penny for the first few weeks.

I know that’s not what most of the sales letters say, when you read these “lazy person’s way to instant wealth” sales pitches.

But the truth is, there are people who do make a lot of money online, but even the sharpest professional Internet Marketers, that I personally know of who are successfully doing big business financially online all have one thing in common….

They all work very steady, very hard and they work dilligently on their online business, to make it successful.

The top people all care about their readers and they think hard about what they offer to ensure they maintain the essence of trustworthiness.

Being successful takes dedicated hard work and this truth can discourages many people and causes them to give up. But it is the few who stay at it and refuse to give up that actually make real money online.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it is an old  established principle of truth.  To those who refuse to quit, the element of “giving up” is not even an option.

Let’s give you a few basic ground rules to help you develop a positive mindset towards your business and for Internet marketing..

If you want to make up your mind to stick with it as well, then there are 5 tips you should keep in mind when working on your new online business.

These 5 tips are true for online and offline success:

1. Have specified work hours.

The first thing you will see in any true and good Internet marketing advice is that you need to have a structured day.

Very few people are able to work totally free, because by nature we all tend to procrastinate and put things off. Either that or by nature, we tend to do what we enjoy doing and tend to put off doing some of the things we don’t enjoy, but are essential to do if you’re going to see success. Relying on only yourself to get to work can be a bit problematic.

If you are able to do it then power to you, but for me personally, I need a little more structure in my work.  You want your services to be systemitized where ever possible.

Setting up a specific time each day that you will work will help you form a habit and actually do the work.

2. Find the right work area.

If you work in an office in your house, find a nice quiet spot that can be your designated work space. Whether a full fledged office or merely a corner in a quiet room.  You need an area where you can go “it’s time for work” and buckle down without any distractions or interuptions getting in your way.

3. Sometimes it will be necesary to shut off from reading your e-mail, talking on the phone and get focused on being productive.

One of the best ways to be more productive, is to spend some time in absorbing new information, but then designate a segment of your day to create new information too. Taking in new knowledge, reflecting on it and then outputting new content, articles or whatever creative that your business requires.

Shutting off your e-mail and taking your phone off the hook for a couple of hours can be surprisingly productive and you’ll find when you turn things back on, that the world actually didn’t come to an end.

3. Equip yourself with the necessary tools.

There are a lot of tools out there in the form of software programs that can help you when building and promoting your business. These programs come in a wide variety and perform a variety of functions, so making use of them can help take some of the burden off you.

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4. Get out where the people are.

Talk with people. This is another thing you will find in most internet marketing instructional courses. Go to social networking sites and forums that revolve around your niche.  Talk with those who work in your niche and ask for help when needed. By communicating with others you not only get help, but you can also find new ideas for things to try, as well as who knows, you might even be able to help others.

Get to be more “others focused” and take an interest in every new person you meet, including your competition.

5. Look for similar minded people and watch with those who have diverse or complimentary thinking styles and talents.

Look for similar minded people that you might try to connect with or perhaps someone who you maybe even echange services with, together some how. Try to stop seeing every other SEO or Web designer as “the enemy.” Break down communication barriers and watch for opportunities to get to know people.

Build long term relationships that are genuine and solid.  Long term relationships can result in surprising team work and even if you are working with others that have different skills than you, it can work perfectly in a mutal way. For example what if You send leads to them for the area they specialize in (and you don’t?) Then don’t be surprised if they start sending leads to you too, for that area of yours where you excell andthey don’t.

In Summary:

An online business is like any other real business. It takes time to grow, so be sure to take the time to build strong foundations, by investing in people who compliment what you can do.  If you are looking for partners or associates or even employees, one of the smartest things that you can do, is watch for candidates that show some sign that they actually care about people. You can always teach a new associate some technical skill, but it is dificult to teach someone to care about others. Watch for those that you think would make good team players. Ideally as you grow and you find new associates that are “others focused.

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