With respect to SEO and Internet Marketing, the biggest challenge that many Webmasters have to making high performance improvements to their Web site is really just in getting started. For some folks, they seem to wait forever and never seem to be able to get started. They might buy tools or some software, thinking that there is something out there that will do all the work for them. Truly, the key to success is not in learning little “tricks” but rather, you want to learn how to build high quality, useful content that is of value to Web visitors and learn how to make it rank based on genuine relevance for your researched keyword phrases. You want to be easily found for important search terms that your ideal buying audience is searching for.

What is it that you (and the rest of the public) want when you search on Google or any major search engine?
1. Relevant results? True.
2. Useful information? True.
3. High quality content that satisfies your search? True.

So then what is it that the search engines themselves want in their indexes? If they are going to remain useful to the searching public, they all want exactly the same thing that the public wants. The search engines want truly relevant results, useful information and high quality content that satisfies the search. So then what should Webmasters and SEOs all want to be able to create?

If you are practicing search engine marketing, your goal should be to create genuine relevancy with useful information that will not only satisfy the searchers needs, but it continues to remain relevant and stands the test of time in the top rankings.

I will give you 5 simple rules that will help you stay on the straight and narrow and should help you improve your results. The first 2 rules have to do with how you choose to build your skills (regardless of your level of experience or practice.)

Rule 1: Choose carefully which voices that you choose to listen to and learn from with respect to SEO principles.

The term “SEO” short for “search engine optimization” is a buzz word today. What I mean is that if you ask the average Web design or Web development company if they can perform SEO, they’ll usually tell you “sure…we can get ranked at the top of all the major search engines.” Many people know how to talk the talk, but fewer actually know how to get the results for “highly competitive” phrases. And fewer still, have ever had any professional training. Ultimately, you want to learn from educators who can demonstrate that they themselves know how to compete in the most competitive marketplaces. How can you learn the skills properly from a source that does not rank top spot in the search results for their own company.

Are you listening to voices that are advising you of how difficult SEO skills are to master?
You may find that some of these types of services want to keep SEO difficult to learn, so that ultimately you will hire them to do the work.

Note: At our own Search Engine Academy Workshops, our training is wholly focused on imparting the full range of skills to the individual attendees in a stress free manner that allows time for you to actually learn “by doing.” Our stance is not one of hidden agendas or trying to upsell you SEO services, but we have chosen to keep our focus education and training. We have chosen not to offer SEO services to the public so that our students never feel that we are competing with them. Please do not misunderstand this as a proclamation of being the best. This is just one of the ways we do things differently than most.



  Rule 2: Choose to build your SEO skills based upon accurate information.

This may sound very easy, but just where do you get accurate SEO information these days. Think about it for a   minute. If you understand that major search engines guard their algorithms closely then how do you know that   what someone teaches you is really the truth based on fact? Can you really trust the advice that someone gives   you for free in a forum? Do you really know for sure who that person is when they are using anonymous      names. What about online newsletters that may conflict in their theories of what is working and what is not.

At Search Engine Academy Workshops, we do not present students with theories or guesswork about    algorithms. We actually conduct research based on what the search engines are currently doing. When we  teach you a technique or methodology it is based on actual testing and we stand before our students with our  real names and identities. We even share with our students the details and the results of specific tests or  sometimes case studies conducted.

 Rule 3: First, Always  Gain a “comfort level” in knowing you can compete BEFORE you take    on clients.

With so many Webmasters all “talking the SEO talk” and taking the client’s money first without knowing that    they can get the results, it typically can end up with a short term, unhappy client. Rather than making a one time sale, why not build clients that you can serve for life? The secret is gaining your “SEO comfort level” and possessing that” sense of performance” before you throw yourself under the pressures of your first  demanding client.

Rule 4: Choose an SEO career that’s right for you.

Once you have built your SEO skills and have your comfort level in performance, don’t forget to consider the full career potential that SEO skills can render to you. Some people are just seeking employment working for a firm. There is certainly a demand for professionally trained SEOs who know their stuff. But there are plenty of other choices too.

Many think of starting up their own little business and building a client base and the demand is greater than ever if this is your dream. Building clients for life, you’ll find that this approach is very satisfying especially if you are the type of person who enjoys making a difference in other peoples lives. For you, SEO Consulting can be a wonderful career niche.

Rule 5: Keep your SEO skills current and up to date (it is essential.)

I mentioned at the start of this article that for some Webmasters, the difficulty seems to be just getting started. For others, it seems that they just let themselves fall a little behind. One of the most essential aspects in this industry after you get your skills up to speed, is to keep up to date with all the latest changes and newest technologies as they happen.

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