Hello, all you SEO heroes out there! How are you? Here at Search Engine Academy, we are well. 2013 is rolling right along, and since we updated all the course material in late 2012, and have begun teaching it 2013, one of the new sections is information architecture (IA) and search engine optimization (SEO). We’ve haven’t had a lot of classes yet, so the feedback has been minimal, but positive thus far.

But I’m digressing, so let’s get back to the topic of this post. Every Wednesday I give you some tips on how to incorporate IA with your SEO efforts. We are talking about implementing your IA strategy into your website.

One thing you’ll do as an IA expert is start brainstorming for creating an organization and structure for your website before you even do your research. While doing that research, you should be constantly thinking about how you may need to revise the picture in your head around content organization, labeling and navigation schemes. Good for you!

As an IA person, you should start very early in the process of talking about implementing IA strategy with the team you hopefully are working with. With that, when do you start sketching out wireframes? When do you show these to the client? When do you start testing with users?

It’ll become apparent to you as to when you do these tasks, but keep in mind that at some point during the research part, you’ll feel the law of diminishing returns. You’ve stopped getting new ideas and revelations. When you hit this point – and you will – it’s time you started scheduling incorporating the IA strategy into the website design and testing.

Use blueprints, drawings and wireframes to communicate your IA strategy with the design and content team. Begin your testing and measure the results.

As you test and measure, you will see where you might need to revisit certain pieces of the plan and strategy you put together. That’s OK; IA is meant to be flexible and changing. Don’t give up, and keep an open mind. My motto for SEO and my life is “Semper Gumby” – always flexible.

Maybe it should be yours.

Next week, I’ll go over the strategy process in more depth. We’ll look at a process flow that has been proven to work well.

Until then, keep it between the ditches and think about your IA strategy and when to put it to the test, umkay?

All the best,