Howdy ho, my fellow SEO peeps! Search Engine Academy here, back at ya with another Wednesday edition of information architecture (IA) and search engine optimization (SEO).

We’re talking about the strategies you need to implement IA into your website and SEO requirements. Today let’s go over what you can do if your proposed IA strategy is attacked by those who don’t get it. Ready? OK…

You may encounter some belligerent types who want to know why the hell the company is developing some IA something that’s never been heard of when there’s not even a business strategy, and why do this IA thingy when there’s no new content written yet?

Because business plans are never really done, and should be flexible documents, OK? And as for content…well, according to Google, your target audience and their web crawlers like fresh, updated content CONSTANTLY, so once again, it’s a job that’s never done.

This is sort of chicken and egg, it’s true. How can you have one without the other? Well, you have to start someplace. You might as well just pick one and get going.

Tell these unenlightened ones that by doing IA, it can provide a gap analysis of business strategy and content that’s missing. Questions that you, the IA expert, ask oh-so innocently about labeling and navigation can really spawn deep discussions on the gaps and flaws.

In a perfect world (which it’s not, but let’s pretend for just a hot minute that it is), you will work with teams who are doing business strategy and content separately. In reality, you’re lucky if you get one person for either function. They may view you as the ultimate migraine for uncovering shortcomings in strategy and content planning, but don’t be bullied by them. IA is NOT set in stone, and neither should they be cemented like a fence post.

The nice thing among the many nice things about information architecture is that it’s a flexible system. It can bend and change as needed. It’s a great blueprint to weed out the weaknesses in a website and make it stronger and more user-friendly.

And good luck!

Until next week, why not think about possible objections and the sane arguments you can muster to beat them? Remember…IA that is done right can boost conversions, increase visitor time on site, reduce the bounce rate and make the boss happy! And Google cares about all of those things except for making your boss happy.

Keep it between the ditches!

All the best to you,