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Today I thought I would share a few reminders of how you can easily improve your click through rates from Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s.)

Remember, you first objective is to always try and know what the objective is for the page you are working on. In other words, you are not just writing a fresh page of content, but keep in mind what the goal of that finished page will be.

Of course keeping in mind the goal (or what will make that page successful,) while writing the content will help you fashion the content to fulfill that purpose.

Is It Possible To Write Your Message In a Way That Will Improve Your Click Through Rates?

Not only is it possible, but with a little practice, you can use a variety of these tips, to make sure each new page you create, brings in a premium response.

Okay, so let’s get on with a few tips:

1. Your Title Tag can be an instant trigger

While mostly you have heard about the importance of including your primary keyword phrase into the Title (for SEO purposes) you also want to try and highlight a couple of key benefits in your Title too.

In other words, position your keyword phrase prominently in the Title, but then follow it with some of the enticing benefits that your body copy will discuss and deliver.

Remember, that Title is the first thing people see in the SERP’s.

2. Speak to the searcher through the Description Tag (Often the second thing displayed in the SERP’s)

Don’t just write a mundane description for the page, but instead you want to use customer focused dialog, to speak directly to the reader. Words like you, you can, you will enjoy, it can be yours, your own, are expressions speaking directly to the listener, or in the case of Web copy, are read by the reader.

Examples of Words you should typically avoid are self focused words such as we, we are, ours, our guarantee, we are the best, we have etc.

Always practice writing compelling Description Tags so that it focuses on the reader, not yourself.

3. Try to avoid using hyped up superlatives in either Title or Description

By this I mean far too many people want to talk about why they are the best there is in the business or try and explain how their guarantee is the greatest or whatever. It’s far more effective to try and illustrate how you are different than your competitors than to simply say you are better.

The reason is that all you are doing is blowing your own horn. However, if you say you are different, then let your illustrations and dialog verify just how different and unique that you are the reader will be able to see for themselves that you really are different.

4. Remember the importance of using TRIGGER words (which will also enhance your sales copy and response.)

Primarily a TRIGGER word is actually a sales trigger.

For example:

Does your product or service:

  • Save people money?
  • Increase their profits?
  • Reduce their stress level somehow?
  • Improve their appearance?
  • Improve their results somehow?
  • Streamline a process or save them time?
  • Give them some measurable advantage?
  • Improve their confidence?
  • Help them remember something better?
  • Give them proof of skills or some type of certification?

Think about it and how you can really tailor your message.

The description Meta tag is an excellent place to include a trigger or call to action as it may also appear right within the initial search results too.

5. Consider your writing style that has continuity once they do click through to your new page

You do not just want to use brochure-style Web copy or anything that is written in muti-syllable words. I like to compare the best writing style, similar to writing for voice like the broadcasters do.

Many times you will notice that broadcasters write in a pretty direct, friendly dialog where they focus on speaking directly to you. You always want to try and over deliver on your actual page content, its quality and the flow of how easily it reads. Does it deliver more value than what your reader expected?

And most importantly, does include a solid call to action that will fulfill those original objectives and make it successful.

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