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guy so frustrated that he wants to smash the computer with a hammer<rant>

I’ve been a fan of the various Google incarnations for business listings for some time now. First it was Google Maps. That became Google Places. OK fine, same thing, slightly different tune. I had lots of great reviews on Google Maps/Places and was careful to keep my profile fully up to date.

I switched phone companies (long story), which meant I had to change my toll-free number. No big deal, just log in and change it, right?


Had to re-verify the business. Of course, I couldn’t do it with a phone call either. I had to go the post card route. OK, whatever. Got that verified, but AAAGH, all my reviews disappeared! I had 18 or 19 five star reviews – all 100% legitimate glowing reviews, mind you (I don’t play games). These were all past students who had attended my class over time, and raved. Very grateful for that, but changing my phone number means they all go away?


Spin forward to this year. I changed my corporate address. No big deal. Just go into Google Places and change it, right? Urgh. Have to re-verify the damn business with another PIN. Of course, it has to be by post card. I had to ask for it FOUR TIMES before I finally got it in the mail today. Verified my business AGAIN and now I get a message that it’s “PENDING” – being reviewed. Huh? Hover over the bubble and it says, “Please allow several weeks.” Reviewed by whom and for what purpose?

google places screen shot showing pending

Waiting for Google To Make Up Its Mind


Meanwhile the business isn’t showing up.

Oh yes, that Google+ thing. I was an early G+ user when it was still a by-invitation-only system. But at the time, there was no business listing, only personal. Last year, Google started setting up Google+ business listings. Great!

I thought that Google was converting Google Places pages to Google+ business listings last year. Never happened. So I set up a business listing for myself. Guess what I have to do? Verify the blasted listing. Same address, same phone number, as my Google PLACES page (which by the way, in case you forgot, I will have to wait several weeks for it to be reviewed by someone).

I’ve asked for the verification post card for Google+ now THREE times (yes, by mail – can’t do it by phone). Still nothing in my mailbox.

Wow, Google. What’s up with all these machinations? It sure as hell isn’t this hard to set up a business listing in your competitor, FACEBOOK. Click, click, type, claim your URL, DONE.