(This is the first part in a series on E-Nor’s Google Marketing Course. Our review of day 2 is available here.)

Hello, my wonderful SEO peeps! I am doing professional development training this week–learning how to use Google Analytics in an advanced course taught by E-Nor. Yes, we do teach this in our Search Engine Academy digital marketing courses, but we don’t go into the depth and detail because we are about all organic and paid SEO processes.

The Digital Marketing Course So Far

Over the next three days, I’m going to share some of the highlights of this digital strategy course with you, dear gentle SEO readers! Let’s start with today…

This is fun! We’ve gone over account hierarchy and the Javascript code. We’ve been discussing custom filters that can be set up, and from there, we got into a great talk about URL parameters. This is getting deep in the weeds, and it’s been a really productive discussion.

Eric Fettman is the E-Nor trainer. He’s engaging, passionate, and really goes down in the weeds when it comes to Google Analytics. He just showed us a really cool tool to build custom filters to exclude a range of internal IP addresses using the RegEx (Regular Expression) Builder. Awesome! Talk about fast! It makes me look like I know what I’m doing!

This digital marketing online course is no cakewalk. We take four quizzes per day. I like that we learn a little, test a little.

I’ll be reporting tomorrow as well. Hey, keep it between the ditches, alrighty?

All the best to you,