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How to SEO Your Business Blog” was the topic of our Webinar Wednesday just about a month ago (May 9, 2012 to be exact).  Thomas Petty and Nancy Wigal of the Search Engine Academy interviewed Tom Williams, Founder of Innogage, an SEO-centric, collaborative blogging platform.  That webinar was a great discussion of ideas around the value of a business blog, generating blog content, the power of cross-linking, some of the challenges teams face when they work on a shared blog, and how Innoblogs, a powerful Innogage tool, could help in that type of environment.

Illustration representing blogging conceptsOur upcoming Webinar Wednesday builds on that start and will examine some down-and-dirty specifics of what you need to do to get the most SEO juice out of your own blog.  Innoblogs, which we use heavily at the Search Engine Academy, is terrific for automating the process and providing consistent quality control, particularly for teams.  However you may be in a small business situation where you’re maintaining a blog largely on your own, and don’t have access to high-powered tools such as Innoblogs.  In that case this webinar will be perfect for you, because it will focus on what you need to do even if you are not using an automated tool to ease the process.

Basic Blogging SEO

Some of the factors that are crucial in this process (and which we’ll cover in greater detail in the webinar), are

  • Taking your audience into account before you write your blog post
  • Making sure you are keyword aware both in determining the subjects you write about, as well as how you write about those subjects
  • Writing according to your particular area of expertise, and what to do if you are NOT the expert on the topic
  • Attention to details like title tag, Meta description tag, headlines, keyword prominence, internal and external linking, and more
Join SEO Master Instructor Ross Barefoot for a quick, action-oriented – and Free – webinar that will help you get the most out of your business blog.  Sign up today.  The Webinar will be held live this coming Wednesday, June 13th at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time.  And if you’re reading this post after the fact, the recorded version of the webinar should be available from our Webinar Wednesday page.