Hi there, SEO heroes! What’s shaking? Hey, do you blog? If so, do you know how to promote your blog? Here at Search Engine Academy, we teach ya all everything you need to know to blog the right way. But I want to go over some of the ways to promote your blog. Ready? Here we go…

Social Media Promotion For Your Blog

Blogging and social media go together like wine and chocolate! If you’re blogging, which social media platforms are you most likely to find your target audience? Here are some that you can use to push your blog posts out to, and have your followers further distribute them for you:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter

Here’s a tip to make sure you get some love from your followers: create a highly customized, optimized one or two sentence summary of the post. Don’t just copy/paste the post title or verbiage from the article; maybe you had a specific reason to write the post, and if that’s compelling and interesting, let your followers know!

Pinging Services To Notify When You Publish A New Blog Post

Do you know what pinging is? It’s nothing dirty, LOL, it’s a function you can set up in your blog to let certain directories and search engines know when you publish a new article – you “ping” or notify them you’ve put up new content. Here’s ten pinging services you should most definitely set up!

Tip: be sure to do some research on the internet with specific keyword phrases to find specialized, or “vertical” pinging services that will increase your blog post’s chances of being read by more of your target audience.


If you also publish a newsletter, don’t forget to include links to all of your blog posts you’ve published prior to the newsletter going out. Many readers depend upon industry newsletters to find articles and posts.

Tip: if you have a relationship with another webmaster’s newsletter that would be a complimentary platform to publicize your blog posts, ask nicely if she would include your links – it can’t hurt and asking is still free!

So, three ways to get your blog posts and articles more love on the internets! Do you have other methods you push your posts out on? If so, let us know in the comments!

If you’re not using different methods to promote your blog, how about coming up with just one or two? It might make a difference!

Until I connect with you next time, please keep it between the ditches! We want you to come back, umkay?

All the best,