A New 5 Day Adventure With Immersion Learning In Las Vegas

What is “Immersion learning?”

Immersion learning is best described as a process where the student learns new skills with deep, mental involvement.

There is no simpler way to impart a skillset than using a process where you “learn by doing.”

But before we talk about this process, I want to share a few recollections I have about the City of Las Vegas, so let’s talk about that first.

Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps, the City of Lights, The Strip or The Entertainment Capitol of the World.

Regardless of what your favorite synonym is for Las Vegas the one thing I always appreciated on my trips there was the fine gourmet dining.

Over the years, I have been to Las Vegas multiple times to teach search engine workshops in venues such as The MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, the Tuscanny Casino and the Clarion and the Wynn Resort to name just a few.

Our students of SEO have come to our Las Vegas SEO Workshops from places as far away as Singapore, Malaysia, Hawaii, Canada and all across the United States of America.

If by any chance, you are thinking about attending the next SEO Mastery Workshop in Las Vegas this month, then you’ll be pleased to know that the 5 Day Workshop begins in just a couple more weeks on July 27th thru July 31st:

One of the non-Google related questions that the students always, sooner or later would ask me in Las Vegas was this:

“John, is it true what I have heard that despite your multiple visits to Las Vegas, that you have never once lost any money to any casino?”

Usually this would come up as the result of an SEO student discussing their winnings or losses at some casino, the night before in their after class hours of exploring Las Vegas.  I always told them that it was the absolute truth that I have never once lost any money to a casino in any of my many trips to Las Vegas.

Of course it is the truth, because Las Vegas has always been a winning proposition for me and I have never lost anything even once.

So next, they’d ask me the question, So John, please tell us what your secret is?

To answer that question, I would tell them my simple secret.

The reason I have never lost a penny to any casino is real simple, I explained. “I never gamble.”

Oh, I have watched people gamble and I’ve seen people both win and lose.

In fact one time I was with a friend who had been given a gift card and they wanted to play the slots, so I pulled up a chair to watch. Sure enough, after a while they seemed to get on a winning streak. This was at a time when the coins use to fall out of the machine into your “collection bucket.” I noticed that with each consecutive win, that my friend’s eyes grew wider and wider. They were pretty excited as their bucket grew fuller and fuller.

Finally I pointed out to my friend that they actually had been playing a “quarter” machine not a “nickel” machine like they had thought.

I said, that bucket of yours is getting pretty full. They replied to me, “yes, but I usually play these games until the money is all gone.”

So I asked, “And why is that?”

Suddenly a light came on in their head, they grabbed their bucket and ran to cash out.

Total amount won, after all the coins went through the counter, was $97.00. My friend took that $97.00 and ended up taking me out for a delicious Lobster dinner that night and after that, we had grabbed tickets for the magician David Copperfield performance. It was a magical night.

Let’s get back to a few favorite gourmet dining experiences that were some of my favorites.

There was Lawry’s Prime Rib Roast Beef

Exceptional Prime Rib which is cooked right at your table in these very expensive little Barbeques on wheels. No matter your preference, whether you like your Prime Rib rare, medium or well done, they get it exactly right. If you happen to be dining there during a holiday season, you may also be treated to an a group who sings A capella right at your table. Very classy and very cozy and a meal to be remembered.

Another favorite place to check out is Texas De Brazil:

This one-of-a-kind dining experience is an absolute favorite and to describe it is fairly easy. Each diner gets a little red cardboard STOP sign red on one side and green for GO on the other side.

They have a fabulous buffet salad bar with every time of starter salad imaginable. But as good as that is, try not to fill up too much because, the real gourmet dining begins once you turn your stop sign over, so it reads “Go” in green.

Then you are treated to waiters who march about with some of the most mouth watering types of meats which you can say yes to or no thank you too. From what I remember that night there was Fillet Mignon, braised beef ribs, delicious pork, Lamb, Pork Ribs, Brazillian Sausage, Garlic flavored Picanha, Bacon wrapped breast of chicken, Leg of Lamb, Herb marinated Pork Loin, Flank steak, plus much, much more.

Once you are starting to slow down and you want a break and a chance to digest a little, simply flip your green GO sign over so that it becomes a red Stop sign and the waiters will give you a break until you choose to turn back over to Green for Go again.

Food that is out of this world and a gourmet dining experience that make you feel like a VIP. A great night out for a group of friends and an experience you’ll remember long after you return home from Vegas.

If you are unavailable to come to our July SEO Workshop in Las Vegas the next one is scheduled for October 12th thru 16th.

Your Trainer for the Las Vegas SEO Mastery Workshop is Master SEO Instructor Ross Barefoot.

REMEMBER: The tuition for this workshop and all travel expenses may be 100% completely tax deductible as a business expense! (Be sure to double check with your accountant)

Imagine being able to attend a 5 Day Las Vegas workshop on how to learn seo tailored just for you, whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or a professional SEO.

And imagine having the equivalent of your own personal consultant* for 6 months afterward, so that none of your questions will go unanswered!

This is an opportunity that’s impossible to beat!

Can you afford to pass up a 5-Day Hands-on SEO Workshop in Las Vegas?

Plus, the nights are all yours to enjoy some of the worlds finest dining or maybe even take in a show or two.

Enjoy a FANTASTIC Training Week in Las Vegas and I wish you the very best of success for your online business!

Highest regards,
John Alexander

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