Howdy, ho, my SEO folks! I hope you all are very well today. It’s a great time to be in our career field! Everybody wants to know how to increase website traffic, whether it’s for sales, phone calls, emails or content downloads. Here at Search Engine Academy, we get that.

When you get more people visiting your website, assuming you’ve written engaging, interesting content, they’ll stay on site longer, visit more pages and do more of your desired actions. Google takes notice of this, and as these metrics get more positive, your pages could rise higher in search engine results.

While there are a multitude of ways to get more visitors to your site, I’m going to go over some of the more common ways. Let’s look at a few:

Knowing and using the keywords your target market types into search engines – I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: if you don’t know the words and phrases your target audience is typing into Google, how the hell are your pages ever going to get found by them? Answer: they won’t. So, do your keyword research and find out the phrases you can use on your site to rank higher.

Doing your basic, on-page SEO stuffI see so many people neglect the basic SEO functions that are within their control. Why not do everything you can? Optimize the meta data, images, links, files. What if your competition isn’t doing any of this stuff? Just sayin’…

Listing your business in the appropriate business directories – many directories out there are just plain trash and are hogging bandwidth, but be that as it may, do make sure your site is listed, claimed, verified and optimized in Google, Yahoo! and Bing business listings, as a minimum. It’s easy to do and it builds trust in your company!

Incorporating into your content – OK, if you’re like me, you can’t code or program your way out of a paper bag. is mark up language that makes your web page content easier to be crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders. However, fear not, because Google has saved our non-programming butts by offering us a structured data mark up tool. Go forth and use it! Schema is very, very SEO-friendly, it’s poorly understood and woefully under utilized. I can almost guarantee you your competitors haven’t even heard of, let alone adopted it, so get cracking! Why not use a tactic that can get your pages bubbling up higher in search results?

These are just four things you can pretty easily do. Yeah, they’re basic, but time and time and time again, I am surprised (not really!) at the number of web sites that have been around since the internet was born, but still haven’t leveraged these fundamental processes.

If nothing else, just give a try on three or four of your pages, then view them in a couple weeks to see if they’ve been nudged up. It’s worth a try!

Until next time, keep it between the ditches!

All the best to you,