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Last time we talked about some tips for building more creativity into you headines. This week, I wanted to give you a fairly simple, yet systematic approach for writing fresh content.

I often will start by writing a whole series of headline ideas and eventually as you write and re-write those headlines, it becomes very clear what the topic is that you want to cover within the body.

Fashioning A Body Of Text From Scratch:

Step 1.

I usually start by writing down a list of key points that I want my article to cover, but keep it only in bullet brief point form to start. This makes it easy to structure how you are going to deliver your message clearly and in what order of sequence.

Step 2.

In step 2 you are going to “flesh out” each of your bullet points into much greater depth and detail. The phrase (Flesh out) is actually an animator’s term for the process of turning the artist’s pencil sketches, into much more 3 dimensional figures with full detail, maybe even shadows.  In the same way, you are starting with bullets and then adding much more detail to fill the body out.

Step 3

Once your article is filled out more fully, you’ll want to consider possibly adding a few extra elements to help contribute to the usefulness factor of the content.

These may include elements like:

  • Personal stories where you share what you have learned from your own experiences.
  • Maybe include some examples where the reader can see real life samples of your teaching where they can see the impact of what you are sharing, actually demonstrated.
  • Remember where appropriate, to include some statistics or background data as well as quote your reference sources.
  • If possible, watch for elements that involve any form of nostalgia. Readers often enjoy something especially if it relates to something else that they have personally experienced in their past.
  • Any authoritative quotes, that obviously support the points you are making, should be included with references.
  • Are there any links you could point to that would give your readers some additionally useful and related information?

Step 4.

In this 4th step, you have your article content nicely finished so that it delivers your message well. Now it is time to do a mild re-write to see if you can put any extra personality into it.

This is also the perfect time to upscale your new article with strong and powerful persuasive words to help with the emotional impact.

Here is a huge list of strong, persuasive words and phrases that you could be using as a checklist:

Once you feel you have made it as good as it can be and that it projects your voice, then there is one more very important 5th Step.

Step 5. Do Not Publish Immediately.

As simple as this sounds, it really does help if you don’t publish your new work immediately, the same day.

Allow your article to sit for a day or two before you publish it to the world. It is amazing how our brain will continue to work on things (even sometimes when we sleep.)

By giving yourself this extra couple of days of time, you will often open the article up at a later time and see something else totally fresh to be added, making it even a much better read yet.

It may even just be a restructuring of what you have written, but if you give yourself that window of time, you’ll see what I mean.

Tips For Before you publish:

Make sure you read your whole article out loud and see how well it flows. You may also want to give it to a friend to read and see what they think of it.

Depending on the objective of your content, have you remembered to include a good “call to action” at the end of your content?

A “call to action” are Words that prompt the reader, or viewer of a sales promotion to take an immediate action, such as “Write To Us Now,” “Call Us Now,” or to “Click Here” for example. It may not always be needed but if appropriate, then don’t forget to include it.

Like everything else in life, the more that you write and get practice at writing your content, the better you will get at it.

We’ll talk to you again real soon.

Best wishes for your continued success,
John Alexander
Search Engine Academy