Hotjar provides you with various information regarding the visitors on your website or mobile application. It’s a well known powerful solution for SEO analytics reports that offers limited free access as well as fully featured paid services. Hotjar allows you to visually track…

  • visitor usage through a heatmap interface
  • visit recordings (view how visitors interact within your pages)
  • funnel conversions and exit points
  • exit points within form submissions

Additionally, you can easily create feedback forms and surveys.

Heatmaps for SEO Analytics

Quickly visualize what your visitor does through tracked clicks, taps and scrolling behavior to understand what they are looking for and what their expectations may be on your site. For example, in the image below, only 25% of visitors scroll to the bottom of the page. Therefore, having an important call to action in the footer would not get as much attention as it would if it were place above the fold.

Hotjar SEO analytics website, heatmap screenshot

You also have the ability to download and share Heatmaps as well as split them by device types.

Visitor Recordings

Remove all assumptions about how visitors behave on your site. Each site visit generates a unique recording whereby you can watch the visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements–a tremendous resource for identifying usability issues that otherwise may go unnoticed with vanity metrics.

Within the Recordings section, you have the ability to tag, take notes, share recordings, and easily filter based on a good selection of options including landing pages, exit pages, visit duration, country, devices, and much more.

All user activities are shown through the recording to help you make useful and effective changes.

Below is a screenshot of the Recordings Snapshot, showing a portion of the available filters.

Hotjar recordings screenshot for SEO analytics

Conversion Funnels

Discover where your visitors are dropping off through the conversion process! This section allows you to find opportunities to improve pages where visitors are leaving before they have converted. For example, within a shopping cart, track the specific sales funnel, and improve each page accordingly.

Form Analysis

Complete form analysis, showing which form fields are being skipped and points at which visitors abandon your forms entirely. By spending a little effort optimizing problematic areas of your forms, you will easily and quickly increase your form conversions.

Feedback Polls

Easily create feedback polls and gain an understanding of your visitor’s experience on your site. Feedback polls allow multiple question options and provide visual feedback and results.

Visit the Hotjar SEO analytics website and get started for free. A “free forever” account gives you 2,000 page views per day, limited reports, unlimited users, and 3 months data storage. Paid accounts start from around $30 USD per month.