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How To Heat Up Your Web Page’s “First Glance” Appeal.

Many business owners need help to deliver their message with “first glance” reader appeal. In our student classes over the years, we have made a practice of showing our attendees a wide variety of ways they can can change what appears as “corporate type brochure” talk, into more effective and compelling dialog.

As important as good SEO influences are to being found, some people can also greatly benefit by reworking the heart of their message so that it communicates much for effectively, directly to each first time visitor who may be landing coldly from a search they did on Google.

In the workshop, we go quite bit more into every aspect of how to write influencing copy that compells response. For this post today, I’ll give you some real quick tips that you can benefit from, by taking a second to apply them to your main message.

First Glance Quick Tips:

1. Always be sure that you have identified the heart of your message so that it not only clearly makes its points, but leads the reader to a concise “call to action.”

2. Your Title is more than a place for your keyword phrase, but it needs to flow smoothly and deliver a clear main message that reveals to the reader what the page is all about.

3. Keep it simple and easy to absorb. Short sentences can still be powerful.

4. Your H1 Heading should have a significant emotional charge or impact which will support how the reader relates to you.

5. Try to write in a similar style to broadcasters copy, so the voice sounds like it is speaking to the directly. This takes some practice, but I like to refer to it as “writing for voice.”

6. Structure your body of content so that the human eye can flow easily and naturally over it without any distraction.

7. Beef up your “benefits” and “unique selling proposition” (USP). Never make the mistake of assuming your customer will instantly grasp or understand those benefits, unless you clearly spell them out.

Another quick note on benefits:
I have often seen business owners outline 1 or 2 benefits of their product or service. For online marketing, this is never enough to build your reader’s desire. If possible, you should include at least 20 or more benefits that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.  Never stop building your company list of benefits that clearly make your product or service stand out as unique.

8. Remember to use your most recent client comments and testimonials right within the body of your sales copy. Client success stories are still one of the most effective confidence builders.

9. Don’t forget to communicate your guarantee and make it unique.

You may even want to adjust the naming convention of your guarantee, so that it is memorable and nearly “quotable.” In our early workshops, we wanted to highlight the fact that we teach very intricate technical strategies, but in layman’s terms. So we named our guarantee “The Stress Free Guarantee.”

10. Use The Right Type Of Graphics That People Relate To.

Try to use images of happy looking people that are making direct eye contact with the camera. Many people naturally relate to the images of other peoples faces (especially around the expression in the eyes.) You never want to use graphics of people looking discouraged or for example looking downward.

11. Remember to Use All Of The Other Little graphic “confidence builders.”

Little touches like those tiny security seals, tiny credit card logos under the “buy now buttons” and of course your companies “anti-spam policy” near your newsletter sign up.

Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you refine your Web page’s message in just a few minutes. Remember, if you ever feel like you’d like more help on increasing your page’s “call to action” or dozens of additional strategies for increasing your visibility, be sure to see our entire agenda of hot topics and we’d be happy to help you take your online business to a whole new level in 2016.

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