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Have you ever heard your SEO practioner tell you a fib and if they ever did tell you one, could you be able to recognize it? It may start as early as the SEO describing your Web analysis. Or it can start with the use of redundant dialog perhaps to describe their services. Some extraneous explanations of some secretive process that only they know about.

Have you ever been advised, “I have a very good friend at Google that can pull some strings.” Better run the other way.

Or how about this one…”I can guarantee you top number 1 rankings!” What’s wrong with that, you ask? Google themselves tell you to run the other way from anyone making that claim.

Before I go on, in all fairness I do know lots of honest, top quality SEO practioners who would always tell their clients the truth. If you need the name of a top, quality SEO who will live up to their claims write me and I’ll make some suggestions of people who I know are top quality.

But for a minute let’s look at another subset of people who think they can bluff their way with some techno babel. What kind of dialog has your Webmaster given you in their Web analysis?

Descriptive words are the best way to attract and communicate effectively with any audience, regardless of what a person is writing about or trying to explain. But sounding redundant is one of the worst things possible for an author or a speaker, teacher or educator to do. After all, in the human dialog there are thousands of descriptive terms that are available that are fully capable of describing even the most technical or intricate subject matter regardless of Web analysis.

If you have ever hired a Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing practioner, have they perhaps told you little stories or fibs giving you some sort of explanation of what it is they do, that just seemed to make no common sense at all to you.

Has Your SEO Ever Told You Little Fibs and How Can You Know?

A professional search engine optimizer (one who has been trained in the skill of gaining top search engine visibility to your Web pages to the most correct searching audience) should be able to describe what it is they do and how they do it. But too many times, there are those who claim to be experienced in SEO, but have never had any professional training.

There are far too many people that seem to talk the talk, but honestly have only learned what they know through trial and error. Try something they hear from someone, if it fails go back and change it. Then try something else to see if it helps or hinders. One of the biggest problems with the trial and error method, is that it can be very expensive for the person who has put their trust in this person or company (because their talk was so impressive.)

Learning to recognize redundant techno babel when you hear it, can help you sort out someone who knows precisely what they are doing, from that someone who is just taking your cash and only talking the talk.

Let’s give you some actual examples and see if you have ever any of these typical stories that some Webmasters may tell you.

One of the oldest cons has got to be:

  • “I’m going to submit your Web site to hundreds of search engines to get you listed in the search results.”

Why this is false: There are only a few major search engines you need to focus on such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Also just getting you listed is not enough. I actually met someone who was considering coming to training one time and he bragged about charging some client $60,000 to get him listed with the search engines. Now he was in trouble because
months later the company had gotten no results so he was thinking about coming to learn. Being listed in a search engine means nothing unles you pages are coming for the right key terms and then, for the right searching audience and then, for the maximum percentage of the time.

Here’s another one.

  • “Google changes is algorithm continually so you need to pay me each month so I can tweak the source code and reverse engineer the algorithm.”

Why this is false: It is impossible to reverse engineer a search engine’s algorithm. It don’t make sense to continually change the source code to try and keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. It is true that you need to continually work on a Web site each month because all the other competition will be working on theirs. But a precisely optimized Web page don’t need to be changed to stand the test of time. Remember, you are not trying to beat Google. They don’t care if you rank top spot for a phrase, but it’s your competing Web pages you are trying to stay ahead of.

How about this one.

  • “I like to measure each influential ranking signal one at a time, like the¬†Keyword proximity in the Title Tag and the link reputation etc.

Why this is false: There are nearly 200 ranking signles and they cannot be measured “one-at-a-time” in isolation and expect any true accuracy. The reason is that all ranking signals have an effect and an influence on all the other ranking signals, so IF you are going to accurately measure them, they mused be measured a very specific way and all at the¬†same time (if you want exact preciseness.)

Have you ever asked an SEO practioner for advice once you are finally in top spot and so you say, “What should I do now that I am in top spot.”

The SEO practioner gives you a rather strange response in a reverently (nearly whispering tone of voice) saying…”Don’t touch it. Whatever you do…don’t touch it.”

The only possible reason an SEO would respond this way is because they are fearful if you change anything the top spot will be lost. More over, what this reveals mostly is that that SEO probably does not understand why the page is in top spot, so they are fearful to change it.

Remember, these are only a few common examples. Perhaps I’ll write a Part 2 with more examples in the future.

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