Hey there, fellow SEO comrades! Search Engine Academy is crankin’ up the old webinar machine again!

Have you heard about Google Plus? I’m sure you have. The question is, do you know a lot of it’s capabilities? Did you know it can help your overall SEO strategy?

If not, join me and others on January 22, 2013 at 1PM EST in our Google Plus webinar – the first Search Engine Academy webinar of 2013 – to learn about how Google Plus is not just another social media site. Among the many things we’ll touch base on during this lovely webinar is:

Google Plus Webinar With Search Engine AcademyWhat is Google Plus and why it’s just not another social media platform. Seriously.
Google Plus and your local business listing – it’s been migrated! Did you and your clients know that?
Creating a profile that gets noticed to get you in more circles.
Creating a Google Plus Community to build relationships and share information – going public is the way to go!
Setting up your Google Authorship for your Google Plus profile – if your competition isn’t doing it, and they’re kicking your butt in the SERPs, learn why you should do this NOW!
Why Google Authorship is a critical part of your SEO strategy – yes, it should be right now.
Setting up a Google Plus Hangout – easy to do and it can show up in the SERPs!

Look, I know you’re kind of suffering social media fatigue…we all are. But this is Google, which means they can make G+ available in the SERPs. If you haven’t read much or explored Google Plus, think about it, OK?

Honestly, I could do several webinars, but I just want to open the Google Plus door for you to peek into…the rest is up to you.

Join us and get going on G+ for you and your clients! See you then, and unitl then, keep it between the ditches, umkay?