Howdy ho, SEO heroes! One of the best things we did when overhauling our courses for Search Engine Academy was to add Google Plus. Boy, am I glad we did for a lotta reasons! In the latest SEO news, the good guys at Moz did a correlation study measuring how Google plus one affects rankings. Does it make plus one’d content rank higher? Seems to!

Google Plus OneBefore we get into that, let’s briefly review why I’m so in love with Google Plus for business and Google Plus pages…

  • If your G+ profile, community and product pages are public, whatever you put in those streams can be ranked and indexed by the Google crawlers – always a good thing!
  • If you optimize your profile, add Google Authorship and optimize the elements available to you for you Google Plus community and product pages, you have a chance for those pages and the content in those streams to show up for keyword searches, thus increasing the number of opportunities and content to get ranked and indexed for SERPs. Totally a good, good thing, amiright?
  • Social signals have now been baked into the search algorithm; the interactions and comments generated by items in your streams are reviewed by the crawlers as part of the indexing and ranking considerations.

OK, enough of the high level review. Now, let’s see what Moz found.

Right off the top, Moz found out that the number of +1’s for a URL correlate more with search rankings than any other factor EXCEPT page authority. Not only did Moz discover this, but Searchmetrics did their own research and came up with a very similar conclusion.

The rest of the Moz article recaps very nicely the advantages of Google Plus – how it passes on link equity, is semantically relevant for SEO, as well as mentioning the advantages of Google Authorship, which I have preached about constantly.

So now what are you waiting for? Get active on G+ if no other reason than your stream items will show up in SERPs. I’ve made some great friends on Google Plus. There are some truly classy, highly intelligent people on the G+ platform who gladly, willingly share their knowledge and resources.

You will find ideas for your business, inspiration for content and so much more. Get your butt on there, and put some great subject matter experts in your circles, umkay?

Until next time, stay between the ditches and be very safe!

All the best to you,