Howdy ho, SEO peeps! Another day, another way to connect from your (not so?) friendly search engine Google. Here at Search Engine Academy, we are just like so many other SEO organizations that keep our fingertips on the pulse and temperature on what the girls and boys are doing out there in Mountain View CA!

It’s called Google + Communities, duh. Yeah, it’s brand spankin’ new, so get on over and set yourself up before everyone does!

So, you if are G+ peep right now, you can set up your very own “community,” ranging from social media, food, street art, java script, sports and gamers, to name a few.

New Google + Communities

You can invite those in your various G+ circles, and you can pretty much create any kind of group you want. I’m sure Google will set some requirements and provide guidance on topics they don’t want communities set up for, but as far as I can tell right now, you can create a group based on your likes, passion, business, hobbies, etc.

You can make your group public or private, and if you’re creating this community page for your business or company, make it public.  Get started here and go through the set up process.

You’ll be asked if you want to make your community public or private. TIP: Once you designate the access level, you can’t change it, so be sure before you go smacking a button! Obviously for family and possibly some hobbies or personal interests, you may want to make your community private; otherwise, go public.

Making your G+ community page public or private

You’ll also be given the option to make your community searchable, so choose accordingly. Think about what you want to call your page. With Exact Match Domain (EMD) sensitivities, plus the fallout from Google Penguin with keywords, carefully consider what you’ll call your community. Obviously, if it’s your business, give it that name.

Google + Community Access level

Great! Now, like with any other Google application, you can create and edit a description, add photos and invite others to your community, like so:

Adding a description, photo and location to A Google + Community

Choose keywords to write a nice description that will show up in searches. Add your category that best fits, upload a photo and enter a location, if local search is important for your community page. Once you  have set it up, you can invite anyone in your circles to join. Use your community page to share events, tips, news, videos – hell, anything. Make sure you keep it interesting, so people keep coming back to post and share news on your community page as well.

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