Google My Business A to Z: A New Course is On Its Way!
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Wow! So much has changed with Google My Business over the last few years…

What started as a fairly simple, if clunky, tool to allow local businesses to update Google about their basic information has morphed into another one of Google’s Mega-platforms.

Once Google puts a team of creative developers onto a project, they start bombarding the world of digital marketing with changes (I won’t say “improvements” because they are not always that). It’s hard even for professionals to keep up, much less the average business owner.

At Search Engine Academy we’ve always included some Google My Business (GMB) training as part of our complete SEO mastery course, but it has become apparent that GMB requires its own, dedicated training course.

So it’s with great please we’re able to give you a heads up that on October 1st we will be releasing “Learn Google My Business, A to Z.” This complete course is chock full of information, much of it from just the last few months.

Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Visibility on Google
  3. Factors for Good Visibility
  4. A Tour of Google My Business
  5. Action Items Overview
  6. Find Your Business Listing
  7. Claim Your Business Listing
  8. New Business Set Up
  9. Verify Your Listing
  10. Optimize Your Business Name
  11. Choosing the Right Business Category
  12. The Importance of Location Settings
  13. Hours and More Hours
  14. Phone Numbers, Short Names and Internet Links
  15. Highlights & Attributes
  16. Testing on Different Mobile Devices
  17. Optimizing Your Business Description with Keywords
  18. The Power of Posts
  19. How to Use Questions and Answers to Attract Searchers
  20. Understanding Insights and Analytics
  21. Managing and Encouraging Reviews
  22. Using the GMB Mobile App
  23. Setting up Messaging
  24. Making the Most of Photos (and Videos!)
  25. Choices Specific to Type of Business
  26. Promoting Menu Items
  27. Managing and Promoting Services
  28. Showcasing Product Offerings
  29. What Bookings are and How they Work
  30. What Location Links are and How they Can Help Your Business
  31. Best Practices for Multi-Location Businesses
  32. Setting up a GMB “Website”
  33. Managing Users and Access to Your GMB Listing
  34. Dealing with the Problem of Duplicate Listings
  35. Tips for Getting Support From Google
  36. How to Fight Spam
  37. Making an Action Plan

Although we don’t have a sign-up page ready just yet, if you email us at we’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready.

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