Google LocalRecently, tech giant Google introduced Google+ Local, replacing Google Places, as one of its brilliant options in the Google Plus network. Google+ Local is similar to Google Places in terms of its function as the user’s guide in discovering and locating places anywhere in the world. But, Google+ Local is an improved version of Places as it comes with many features that make interacting in the “circles” of Google Plus a more exciting experience.

Activities in Google+ Local

Google+ Local is another reason why you should create an account in Google Plus. With this option, you can create and publish reviews of your favourite places and share the reviews with the people in your circles. Also, you can upload photos of the places you love and let your friends see why they’ve become your favourites. Likewise, you can receive place recommendations from the people in your circles. From the coolest places to hang out to the most stunning sites to tour, Google+ Local is the best option to find the places you would want to visit.  View your friends’ reviews and photos about their favourite places and discover the places you both like. In addition, Google+ Local lets you read the summaries of Zagat users’ place reviews. Furthermore, this option helps users like you to view a business’ local page on Google+ and view their info, photos and reviews.

How Google+ Local Works

First, log into your Google Plus account.  Along with the “Home”, “Profile”, “Pages” and other options, choose the “Local” option. Once you are in the Local page, this option will recommend categorised places according to several factors. One factor is your default location. For instance, if you’re living in Brisbane, Local might recommend Newmarket or Paddington based on their higher ratings compared to other restaurants. All the hotels, bars, restaurants, museums and more are shown by Local with helpful ratings and reviews of people who actually went in these places and also the number of check-ins that a user has added. The places listed can be clicked so you can be redirected to a page containing lots of information about a particular restaurant, hotel or any other place.

Enjoying Google+ Local

With this new feature, Google Plus does not only perform well in revolutionising the online social networks but also in helping users in making better decisions on where to go and what to visit. Google+ Local can be fully enjoyed by users who would like to know more about the friends in their circles by reading their friends’ reviews on the places they have visited. Since we tend to put our trust on our friends when it comes to some decisions such as where to eat next or where to check-in while visiting a particular destination, we can say that incorporating Google+ Local as a new feature is a nice move by this tech giant.

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