Recently Google severely limited the information reported by the “Keyword Suggestion” tool that has been included in their AdWords Keyword Planner (now known as Google Ads). SEO professionals and digital marketers were outraged and disappointed that the keyword research tool they relied on to make crucial decisions and plans had been effectively rendered useless by Google.

But never fear! In this free, 45-minute webinar, SEO master trainer Ross Barefoot will show you some excellent workarounds that will allow you to get the data you need from the keyword planner.

[Update: This webinar has passed.  However, you can access the recorded webinar here: Fundamentals of Keyword Research]

Keyword Research Webinar

This webinar will go beyond just showing you how to access data. Ross will also help you understand exactly how to use that data to guide your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Here are some of the things we’ll cover in this fast-paced free SEO course:

  • The one key thing that drives search engine algorithms (you’ve probably been ignoring it)
  • Why keywords are dead, but keywords are NOT dead (yeah, confusing, right?)
  • How to speak the lingo of keyword research (you want to finally understand those blog posts, right?)
  • That hack to get back the data Google has started obscuring (you want it back, don’t you?)
  • Plus a step-by-step demo of a workflow process for organizing all that juicy data this research process will turn up–and making actionable sense out of it!

At the Search Engine Academy, we understand that data by itself won’t get you the results you want. If you want to attract the right visitors to your website, visitors who will become leads or sales, you need to apply a process called “Keyword Forensics” to your keyword research.

Keyword Forensics instruction was pioneered by Search Engine Academy founder John Alexander over a decade ago and has been the most effective way to make sure you are aligning your website with what Google is trying to reward: websites that give visitors exactly what they want to find.

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