It’s been a while since I last held a webinar, and I’m totally excited about this one. Have you taken one of our SEO training workshops and need that one question answered that you forgot? Have you been practicing your SEO skills on a client’s website, but are having problems with something specific? Maybe you’re new to online marketing and are looking for an answer to a question you’ve had but think it’s too basic of a question. If only you had someone you could ask.

So I’ve decided to host a one-hour live webinar in which you tell me what you want to know.

Let’s face it. Online marketing can get very confusing with all the moving parts. Should I do this or do that? Hmmm. Got questions about Google Panda? Google Penguin? Google Zebra? (Oh wait, that last one doesn’t exist.)

Go ahead. Hit me.

What nagging question about online marketing do you have that you just need an answer to? Leave me a comment below, or you can ask the question when you register for the webinar. No question is too basic. We’ll collect all your questions, put together a discussion for you and get to as many as we can.

Maybe you don’t have any questions, but you’d like to hear what other people are asking or just like to listen to the latest. I’d love to have you on the call too. Hopefully this will be an interactive webinar. We’ll get the questions together and have some “topic” discussions. If you’re on the call, I may unmute you and ask you to join in the conversation. We’ll have live chat as well, so you can post questions as we go. We’ll try to get to everyone’s questions as much as we can.

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m. Pacific/12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern (time zone converter)
Location: Your computer! (Register below!)

This is 100% free, so please register! (Space is limited, and once it fills up, we have to close the registration, so get it before it’s too late.) Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues too so they can join in the conversion.

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Leave us your question below, or supply it during the webinar registration process.